The diamond beads, or diamond drills as they are more commonly known, can be applied accurately and firmly on the surface with the help of a simple tool called a diamond painting pen. The secret to producing stunning diamond paintings is mastering the usage of a diamond painting pen. The drills can be applied precisely where they are needed for this reason. Have a look at this amazing custom diamond art

Is a diamond painting pen required? No, not always. It’s because you’re able to scoop up the beads using a piece of bent or angled tweezers. Nevertheless, because you aren’t required to apply steady pressure to your hands, using only a painting pen is quicker and easier on them.

How to Get Fully prepared

  • Diamond drills: A diamond painting kit that you purchase will indeed contain sufficient diamond drills to finish the artwork. A 30cm × 30cm diamond paintwork, for one, necessitates a minimum of 6,400 diamond drills.
  • Diamond drill box and platter – The containers are used to organize and store diamond drills in a practical manner. Use the container to arrange the beads you will use by color so they’re more convenient to pick up.
  • Diamond painting pen — Since anyone won’t be writing with it, it isn’t really a pen. Most kits include a pen with two tips. Both ends can simultaneously handle three beads but one diamond drill.
  • Diamond painting canvas – A canvas measuring 30 cm by 30 cm might be the ideal size for someone just starting out.
  • Hobby wax knife


Place your diamond painting pattern on something like a smooth surface in step one.

The use of a large, smooth surface, such as a dining table, is essential. Applying the diamond beads will indeed be simpler as a result of this.

I advise using a hobby knife to gently slice the plastic covering the glue into tiny grids, fitting the lines just on canvas, to simplify the process. For instance, I prefer to break the plastic into squares of 20 by 20. Cover the grid one sector at a time as you peel them off, then move on to the next square.

Just a few diamond beads should be poured onto the tray. Pour a small portion of the color you’ve chosen onto the plastic container that was included in the package before spreading it to the board. The tray’s bottom is grooved and it is quite small. Just enough room exists in the grooves to arrange diamond drills in tidy rows. 

To help the beads fit into the grooves, gently tap the tray. The tray is necessary merely because it simplifies the process to select the beads.


Because of the constant nature of your work, diamond painting is often calming. Nevertheless, if you’ve become skilled at using a diamond painting pen, your art will indeed look fantastic. If you implement the advice in this article when utilizing the pen or even other tools, you also stand a good chance of obtaining remarkable results.