5 Tips For Maintaining a Garage Door Opener

Regular maintenance is essential for any garage door opener, whether manual or automatic. Checking the tracks and lubricating the moving parts can prevent malfunctioning. Also, observe the garage door allentown pa in action every time you use it. Finally, inspect the infrared sensors for any irregularities.

Check the Evenness of Your Garage Door Tracks

Regularly checking the tracks of your garage door is essential if you want to ensure that the doors are operating smoothly. If you’d prefer to leave the door’s maintenance to someone else, consider contacting a reliable garage door installer and repairman, such as experts at coastalgaragedoors.com

Debris and grease can accumulate on the tracks and hamper the proper operation of your garage door. You can remove this debris with an old toothbrush or by cleaning the tracks with brake cleaner.

Before using your garage door opener, you should always check the tracks. The door will move unevenly if they are uneven, causing unnecessary spring stress. You may have to buy a new garage door if you wait too long. Also, check the tracks for loose hardware. It can also cause unnecessary stress to your opener, so tighten all the parts and hardware.

Check the Lubrication of Your Moving Parts

The moving parts of your garage door opener need lubrication to run smoothly. You can use a hose attachment to spray grease into the rollers. Wipe off any excess grease and lubricant with a rag. Make sure to lubricate the ball bearings and stems, not the wheels. The extension springs and non-metal rollers don’t require lubrication.

Over time, the moving parts of your garage door can wear out and make it noisy. It may be bothersome, especially if you sleep in the garage. Periodic lubrication will reduce noise and extend the life of your garage door. You don’t have to call a professional to do this job.

Observe Your Garage Door in Action 

The first step to maintaining your garage door is to observe it in action. Listen for noises, check for peeling paint and rust, and clean it periodically with a mild all-purpose cleaner. Since the garage door has several moving parts, you must ensure they operate properly to prevent bigger problems from developing. Observe the door in operation every time you use it to ensure that all these components function properly.

Another key part of garage door maintenance is to check the safety sensors. Garage doors have high-tension cables that can become damaged. If you have a garage door with safety sensors, place an object in its path and observe how it responds. For example, if your door doesn’t reverse in the same direction after coming into contact with an object, you need to replace the garage door.

Inspect the Infrared Sensors

You can do a few things to ensure the infrared sensors of your garage door opener are working properly. For starters, you should try to prevent objects from blocking the sensors. You can also put a piece of cardboard between the sensor and the open garage door to shade the lens from direct sunlight. However, it’s important to ensure the cardboard doesn’t interfere with the signal between the sensors. In addition, dust accumulates on the sensor lenses over time, making it difficult to transmit the signal to close the door.

You can also check the sensors’ alignment. If the sensors aren’t correctly aligned, they will flash red. If this is the case, move the sensors until the lights illuminate. If they’re not functioning properly, you may need to contact a technician to help you diagnose the problem.

Check the Weatherstripping

You should check the weatherstripping on your garage door opener regularly. You can check its condition yourself or get help from a professional. Make sure it is free of any cracks or other visible signs of wear and tear. If the weatherstripping is damaged or missing, replace it or do garage door repairs cerritos ca.

The weatherstripping on your garage door is an essential part of your garage door. It helps form a seal against weather, including hot summer sun and drafts. It’s also important to ensure the weatherstripping is free of debris and lubricated.

Your garage door should have rubber weatherstripping to prevent moisture and cold from getting inside. It also helps improve the insulation of your home. In addition, it will help keep heat and cool air in the summer and rain and snow out during the winter. The weatherstripping should be checked before extreme weather events to ensure that it is still effective.