How to Prevent Burglaries in Your Home


There are a few things you can do to prevent burglars from breaking into your home. In this article will discuss a few of the possibilities.

Having a dog as a deterrent

One way to protect your home from burglaries is to have a dog. It acts as a deterrent to burglars who tend to watch your home for days, if not weeks. Using dog toys, leashes, and feeding bowls can help. There are also dog signs and dog houses that you can buy to deter burglars.

However, a dog can only do so much to protect your home. A dog needs to be trained and behave consistently in day-to-day life. It should not be a threat to your family and should not be unruly. It is important to have an automated gate to make sure your dog cannot escape. If you do not have an automated gate, another way to prevent burglaries is to consider gate automation.

Installing a peephole at eye level on your front door

A peephole is a small, inexpensive device that you can install on your front door to prevent burglaries. A peephole is usually made of clear glass in a metal tube. It is not a great deterrent for burglars, but it will help keep your house safer. There are two types of peepholes: the normal peephole and the wide-angle peephole.

Peepholes have two main advantages. First, they are visually attractive. Peepholes can deter criminals because they can give them a glimpse of what’s happening outside their door. Second, they help people make judgments about who’s coming to their house.

Keeping shrubbery trimmed around entrances

Keeping shrubbery trimmed around your home’s entrances is essential to preventing burglaries. Overgrown shrubbery provides cover for intruders. By keeping them trimmed, you’ll reduce their chances of hiding and will help keep intruders away from your home’s second-story windows. Also, cut off limbs that may snag on the door or window frames.

Keep shrubs at a minimum height of three feet. This will send the message that you’re at home and will deter burglars from targeting vacant homes. Also, keeping bushes at a lower height will allow neighbours to spot suspicious activity and alert police. Additionally, choose shrubs that are thorny to discourage burglars. Some examples of thorny bushes include roses, yuccas, and holly.

Keeping blinds closed

A good way to reduce the risk of burglaries in your home is by keeping blinds closed and windows locked. Burglars often plan their route in advance, and keeping the blinds closed and windows locked sends a clear message that the house is unoccupied. This also prevents them from seeing your floor plan.

Burglars often target houses with valuables, and leaving valuables exposed to the elements makes a house a prime target. Try to keep valuables out of sight, and close blinds at night to keep peeping eyes from seeing them. When you are away, it is a good idea to check your security system to make sure nothing has been left behind.

Installing a security camera system and performing regular gate motor repairs

A security camera system in your home makes it hard for criminals to enter. These cameras can be connected to various parts of your home so that you can keep a watch on your children and elderly family members. It can also catch any signs of trouble and help you identify the perpetrator.

When installing a security camera system in your home, make sure to install it in a location where few people will notice it. For example, if you have a front door that faces the street, you should place a camera on this wall to catch any criminals that may be sneaking in. Another good location for a security camera is underneath the eaves. Installing a camera there can be done easily, and the camera will not be visible from the street. It is also advised to hire and professional company such as DM Security Systems, to preform regular gate motor repairs.It is also vital to ensure that the company that has installed your gate motor has practiced a professional and safe gate motor installation.