Introducing Shynora

Are you looking for electrical switches and sockets with benchmark qualities and smart features? IndoAsian has launched a new series of modern electrical devices that are perfect for your home and office decor. We are proud to bring you Shynora, our new range of electrical devices and accessories which assures you quality as well as safety.

Why choose Shynora?

Shynora is a unique class of IndoAsian that excel in switches and accessories with uber-stylish designs and trendy functionalities. They are meant to transform your home and office decor and make you shine with pride.

Shynora products are very easy to install. They blend in seamlessly with any home decor that makes your living space alive. Shynora range is equipped with smart technologies that inspire smart and convenient lifestyles. Shynora’s range of hospitality, data and communication solutions are perfect for redefining and upgrading your business for the future.

Key features of Shynora:

Shynora brings you a whole new range of smart and edgy electrical products that are infused with the following features:

  • Stunning designs to redefine living.
  • Blend in with every home and office decor.
  • Built with smart technology that is easy to use.
  • Upgrade business with smart hospitality solutions.
  • Hassle-free installation process.
  • Designed with high-quality materials to provide UV rays protection.
  • RoHS complaints.
  • Have IP 20 ratings and ISI marks.
  • Humidity resistant.
  • Provides benchmark safety.

Shynora’s range of products:

Shynora brings you a wide range of future-ready products to ease your living. These include:

1. Switches and plates:

Our Shynora range offers you five stunning plate finishes and two unique colour schemes for switches and plates. The plates come in dazzling colours like white, cool grey, chrome white, pink and Milan gold which excel in elegance.

2. Fan regulators:

Shynora range brings you innovative fan regulators with 8-step speed control. The regulators have a power rating of 100W. We have redefined the 6-step speed control fan regulators with features like 360-degree rotation and laser markings.

3. Sockets:

Shynora sockets have a sleek finish that is developed for surface and flush fitting. They are built with efficient LED indicators and laser markings to offer you a smooth experience while operating. Their sleek designs and smart features add charm to your living space.

4. USB chargers:

Shynora brings shine to your life with easy and hassle-free designs of USB chargers. The USB type A and type C sockets are built with flexible clips along with curved and screw-free exteriors. This makes the chargers more stable and durable.

5. Safety solutions:

Shynora brings you safety solutions for overload and short-circuit protection. We offer you shrouded terminals and safety shutters to avoid accidents.

6. Light dimmers:

Shynora brings smart innovations like light dimmers to enhance the art of living.  Light dimmers enrich our lives with the touch of warm light that varies in response to our moods.

7. Hospitality, data and communications:

Shynora is here to provide you with smart solutions to upgrade your business. They are innovative products for the commercial industry as well. Shynora 8-pin ethernet sockets give you high-speed internet for computers and DSL modems.

Visit IndoAsian and elevate your living space with the Shynora range to celebrate comfortable living!

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