Why Shed Conversions Are Becoming The Next Big Thing


Sheds have long had their utility for homes. Often it is the case that they are weather-worn structures sitting in the corner of gardens containing little else but tools. As property owners begin to place great scrutiny upon their usefulness, there is a developing trend of sheds being converted or even entirely replaced. This is because having an external room, one that occupies a portion of a garden, and dedicating it solely to storage is not a great return on investment for a property owner, especially as gardens themselves are in greater demand.

Now, homeowners are viewing sheds not as storage containers but as living space and it’s easy to see why. When established and viewed as part of the property’s floor plan, potential square footage increases. There becomes the potential for a great number of luxurious additions to the home, those which prosper as part of an external space. Here are the most popular reasons leading people to transform their sheds, making conversions the next big thing.

Office Spaces


Teleworking culture, which has become a mainstay feature of many organisations in the wake of lockdowns, is leading homeowners to establish home office spaces. Creating a professional space in a shed conversion has a great number of advantages, namely the psychological distance that comes from removing employment from a living space, an issue that many remote workers struggle with.

Creative Studios


Pursuing one’s hobby or creative interest can often be limited by space, especially if it requires large equipment or dedicated and spacious areas. Since sheds are versatile spaces that allow for easy and inexpensive adjustments, they can be made to accommodate such needs easily. This is perfect for those looking to establish a creative workspace, whether for painting, writing, or designing!

Wellness Room


Being among a garden, outbuildings can benefit from the natural tranquillity that these outdoor spaces offer, especially when they are well-cultivated. This has led many to turn their sheds into buildings of wellness, even going so far as to convert structures into log cabins or solariums, filling them with rustic and cottagecore designs to help residents immerse themselves in wild respites.

Guest Houses


Whether motivated by being able to offer friends and family a wonderful place to stay or by the financial allure of hosting guests through services like Airbnb, choosing to replace your shed with a guest house can have an amazing impact on a home. Outbuildings can be designed with relaxing decor and equipped easily with utilities that enable guests to have familiar home comforts with the decadence of a private place to stay.

Play Rooms


Welcoming little ones into your home can be both delightful and a challenge. Safety is typically on most parents’ minds with many wanting to ensure that their living space does not pose a threat to their child. For this reason, many parents are using shed conversions to create dedicated playrooms that can accommodate children’s play without worry. With the right space, there will even be room for their friends to join too!