Essential Equipment For A Spa

Putting together a list of furniture and equipment when you are planning to launch a spa can be exhausting. The list runs long and you are never quite sure which items should be on your priority list and which are the ones that can be kept out of it for the time being. Since a spa is a place where people come to relax or unwind, one of the first things they notice is the type and quality of equipment being used.

Apart from building up trust among your clients, having the right equipment will impart confidence in your staff about providing quality service to the customers. When you are starting out, focus on procuring the essential equipment. Once the business starts picking up, you can get some of the other equipment that doesn’t fit in your budget at the moment.

Here is a list of the most essential equipment for a spa

Facial Steamer

The steam that comes out of face steamers helps in moistening one’s skin. Many products, containing different types of chemicals, are available in the market that is used for the same. However, unlike those products, face steamers do not have any side-effect. By cleansing the pores of your skin, face steamers lead to an individual having a cleaner complexion. They also contribute towards improving the rate of blood flow to the epidermis which then results in healthier skin. Facial steamers are quite inexpensive and are one of the first things you must get in your spa.

Magnifying Lamp

You might not realize this before running a spa but having a magnifying lamp is very important for those working in the skincare or well-being sector. To analyze one’s skin thoroughly, one needs to have a magnifying lamp. Not just spas, a magnifying lamp serves as essential equipment in medical spas, salons, dermatology clinics and plastic surgery practices. During physical therapies, a magnifying lamp is used to ensure the targeted areas are covered. These days, most brands manufacture magnifying lamps that come equipped with a modifiable spring arm and a tabletop clamp. Buying a premium quality magnifying lamp that proves to be very durable would be a good idea.

Wax Warmer

A single or double wax warmer is used when hair needs to be removed from different parts of the body. Contrary to what a lot of people believe, a body hair removal process that is conducted with the help of a wax warmer is not painful. Many modern wax warmers come armed with a thermometer that ensures that the temperature on the device remains constant while it is being used. If you are concerned about accidental burns, then you would be relieved to know that these devices come with an accurate thermostat, among other features, that ensure the safety of the user.

Spa Trolley


Often overlooked by many, the role of a spa trolley is very important. It is a storage cart that is specifically designed to keep the products and equipment that are used in a spa in one place. Multiple trays are installed within one cart so that you can differentiate the storage space required by different items and easily find a product or equipment when required. While buying a spa trolley, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. You have to ensure that it should be big enough to accommodate all the products you want to keep in it.