What Are The Common Fence Problems And How Do Professional Contractors Solve Them?

Fencing helps secure and improve the aesthetic of properties. However, when installing them, even professional fence companies in McKinney, TX might face multiple problems that they need to solve. The same applies when the fence installation project is over. For instance, there might be mold growth on the fence surface, and homeowners want to remove it. In such a case, he should contact a professional fence contractor. This guide discusses common fencing problems and how professional contractors can solve structural or related issues. 

  • Damage Caused by Pests and Insects

Pests and insects can damage the fence surface, especially wooden fences. When planning to install a fence at the property, make sure to get the ones made using pressure-treated wood or cedar. According to professionals, these fences are more resistant to pest damage. 

On the other hand, if a homeowner installs the fence and notices termite damages over time, the most effective solution is to call the fence companies in McKinney, TX. The professionals will arrive at an individual’s home and spray pesticides and insecticides using safety equipment. In last, they will replace the damaged parts. Furthermore, if the fence is severely damaged beyond repair, an expert contractor will recommend replacing the entire fence. 

  • Stains on the Fence Surface

Another common problem with fencing is stains on the surface of the fences, especially the wood and vinyl ones. A professional fencing contractor can help remove these stains using a pressure washer. However, if the stains on the fence are not prominent, contractors can wash them off using regular detergents and water. For tough stains, they suggest using stronger solutions. 

  • Fence Installation Problems

Landscape contractors can face multiple problems while installing fences. Among these fence problems, the most common one includes hard soul making it difficult to post holes deep enough. On the other hand, contractors might also find it difficult to post holes too deep in soft ground to prevent utility line damage. 

As a solution, fencing contractors can install a stepped design that could bear a slop of the ground. In addition to this, they also leave a gap at the fence’s bottom. Besides, professionals inform the utility companies before excavating or digging the hole so that they can do the needful. 

  • Fallen or Leaning Posts

The entire fence or its parts can fall off or lean due to natural occurrences, including strong winds, soil conditions, weak posts, etc. These problems take place after the fence installation. A homeowner can call professional fencing contractors to reinstall the fallen posts. And if the parts of the fence are damaged, they can repair or replace them with new ones. 


All the above-listed problems can be prevented by calling the fence companies in McKinney, TX, for regular inspections. During inspections, these professionals check not only the condition of the fence but also soil issues, if any. And if a contractor finds that the soil is weak, he might put stones or gravel around the fence to protect it from failing. A reputable fencing company always recommends installing high-quality, durable fences that can last longer without experiencing many issues.