The Benefits Of Deep Root Feeding

Pinellas County residents are well aware that their homes will be one of the most costly purchases they make in their lives. Tree care is essential for a yard’s beauty and curb appeal. Unattractive trees can devalue homes in Pinellas County.

Deep Root Fertilization: What Everybody Should Know

It is not what homeowners want to see their trees reduce the value of their most costly financial commitment. A visual inspection of trees does not always give an accurate picture of its health. It is vital that a tree has a healthy root zone. If it doesn’t have the nutrients it needs, it will suffer from a decline in health. Deep root fertilization is a good option if trees seem to be in pain.

Deep root fertilization involves three steps:

  1. Preparation of fertilizer that is specific to the needs of your tree.
  2. Infusion channel creation
  3. Delivering fertilizer directly to the root of the problem

For deep root fertilization, small holes are dug below the soil approximately 2 to 3 feet from the tree’s base (around drip line). A specially formulated liquid fertilizer with nutrients is slowly released into the holes. It spreads throughout the soil and root zone. This improves soil strength and tree health, including branches, trunk, and leaves.

What are the Benefits of Deep Root Fertilization in Pinellas County?

Trees will die if they are not provided with enough food in the wild. There are many factors that can affect the health of trees on your property.

There are four areas where trees could be at risk of falling on your property:

  1. Competition: Trees, bushes and grass underground can be affected by changes in the landscape. A shortage of nutrients can cause healthy trees to stop growing.
  2. Compatibility: Some trees, whether transplanted or added to landscaping, may not be compatible with the soil in which they are planted and start to decline.
  3. Pollution: Trees that are healthy can become deficient in nutrients due to environmental pollution.
  4. Attacks: Even trees that you have grown in your yard may be infected or attacked by pests.

Homeowners will find deep root fertilization beneficial because it can be tailored to each tree’s needs and delivered directly at the tree’s heart. It helps to improve soil quality and protects trees against insect and disease damage. It ultimately results in healthier trees.

Pinellas County’s Secret to Deep Root Feeding

A well-manicured lawn and healthy trees can help increase your home’s value by 25%. Arborjet is a product we use at Arborwise Tree Service to maintain strong trees. We use a drill-plug inject method to place the solution directly into the tree’s root. This allows the solution to be quickly injected into the tree’s transport tissue, without causing any damage. It is easy to place it into the tree and reduces environmental exposure.

Pinellas County Residents Should Use Arborwise To Keep Trees Health

Arborwise Tree Service, a tree-care company is dedicated to providing exceptional tree care. Our goal is for your trees to be strong and healthy. Our tree doctors can perform a free inspection on your trees and make recommendations to keep them healthy or bring them back to life. We believe you deserve a beautiful environment. It is our goal to give you the best tree service possible. Arborwise Tree Service can help you schedule an appointment, or to get more information.

This post was written by a professional arborist at  Arbor Wise Professional Tree Care. Robert Miller is the owner of Arbor Wise Professional Tree Care, a locally owned and operated tree service company that offers superb lawn care by the most experienced Arborists. Arborwise Tree Services is a gulfport fl tree removal company that offers stump removal, tree pruning, stump grinding, fertilization, and tree restoration. We have an extraordinary lawn care industry notoriety covering the Pinellas county area.