How Should I Prepare for a Roof Replacement?

The roof replacement job is a huge deal and requires both owner input and input from the roofing company. Your job as the property owner is to prepare the site for the roofers. The property can’t accommodate multiple activities once the roofers arrive. The preparation is crucial to ensure that everything goes according to schedule and that everyone gets out safely.

What should you do in preparation for a roofing replacement Bastrop TX. These are some tips from our experts that will help you have a seamless roofing experience.

Evacuate Everyone Including Pets

During the roof installation, your home will be very busy. This place will make it difficult for seniors, children, and pets to live in. You can expect disruptions to your daily routines and sleep patterns. All other people need evacuation as only the workforce has the protective gear.

Before the roof is replaced, talk to everyone who lives in your house. This will help them prepare for when they need to move. Children will need to be informed about why they should not stay or play on the property. You can find other accommodation for your family if your home is small. Send them to visit your family and friends.

Keep the Gate(s), Open

Roofers who are working on your home will need to have free access to your property. It shouldn’t be difficult for them to request keys whenever they need access to your house. To ensure that every move is smooth, open the gates and give the keys the project manager.

Transfer Your Vehicles

The parking lot is a good place for contractors to work. This is where your workforce will be moving and keeping their tools, materials, and company truck. You need temporary parking that will keep your vehicles safe. To keep falling roofing debris from entering your garage, you might seal it.

Get rid of wall decor

During a roof replacement, your home will be bustling with activity. You will feel the vibrations of machinery, hammering and movement. This may cause some disruption. If you have photos, art pieces, or light fixtures on your walls, take them down and place them somewhere they won’t be damaged. You should only remove decorations that are permanently attached.

Clear your Furniture

The movement of patio furniture during roofing can be impeded. Workers could spend too much time moving the furniture from one corner to another or trip over it, which can be frustrating. Move them from the patio to a shade area, garage or other location. You can place the furniture in your yard if you don’t have enough space in your garage. Cover them to prevent damage from direct sunlight.

Cover Immovable Stuff

During a roof replacement, everything must be at least 15 feet from the house. Not all items can be moved. These items include gazebos, permanent decorations, and kitchen cabinets. You can cover them with curtains and tarps. They are safe when shingles or other building debris fall.

Protect Flowers and Plants

Covering and marking flowers and plants in your compound is a good way to protect them. Cover flower beds with tarps or nets, and mark the trees with orange tape. This will notify roofers that they must be cautious when working near these. Talking to the project manager is the best way to take care of your flowers and plants.

Cut the Grass, Prune Trees

Fallen roofing materials will be hidden in the long grass, making it difficult to clean up. Long grass can also hide nails and pose a risk to anyone who walks through it. To make cleanup easier and more thorough, trim the grass a day prior to construction. You should also trim any branches or trees that are too close to the roof to make it easier for roofers.

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