Temporary Construction Site Lighting To Help Raise Safety Standards

One area of site planning for construction projects that should gain more attention than it usually does, is the provision of site lighting. There is often a need for temporary site lighting to be hired to ensure that the construction site is well lit in all areas. It provides a functional use, but it is also a great way to improve the safety and security levels on site during the project. When a construction site is in full flow there are large numbers of contractors on site at any given time, machinery, equipment, and materials moving to and fro, on and off site, and times where the site is empty and a potential target for theft. 

All of these things need to be considered during the initial planning phase of a construction project, and the hiring of temporary construction site lighting will go a long way to providing an effective solution. 

Think about the specific challenges of the site

Every single construction project and construction site is unique. There will be different challenges faced, depending on myriad factors. All of these should be considered when discussing the need of site lighting. You should also consider the size of the plot of land, the areas that require effective lighting at all times, and how long the project is due to last. This will all come into play when discussing options with a hire company. 

Look at the risks

The first thing to do is to conduct a risk assessment of the site to understand the risks at play. This involves looking for all potential hazards linked to site lighting, where and who are at risk and why. This will give a solid foundation of information that can be used to determine how much light is required and where on the construction site. This blueprint will be used to review and amend where necessary as the project moves forward and the site changes with the build, moving lighting where applicable.

Use lighting for safety

Sufficient lighting is an essential component of any site when it comes to safety issues. The health and safety of contractors on site is of paramount importance. The quicker and easier it is for a worker to identify a potential hazard on site, the more likely they are to avoid it. Good lighting can highlight these issues, but a balance must be achieved, as if there is too much light or certain areas are too bright, this can cause a hazard to workers. Tall bright lights could be used in certain areas, whilst ground lighting and LED lighting provides high performance, efficiency, and durability. 

For those of you in charge of construction sites you’ll understand how important it is to look after the temporary lighting on site that helps to improve both safety and security. Hiring temporary construction site lighting will help you to meet the needs of the project, providing enough light to clearly guide the way for contractors and suppliers, delivery drivers, and ensure that safety levels are maintained to a high level.