Solutions to Common Problems with Aluminium Windows and Doors

When talking about aluminium windows and doors at home, they will often say that they are maintenance-free and that all you have to do is put them in place and forget about them. However, this is not the whole truth because some maintenance is necessary to ensure that the aluminium frames are free of damage.

In the absence of this, some of the issues listed below could occur. The aluminium window and door replacement would become imperative due to the following problems.

Blockage of Outlets

This can be extremely harmful to doors and windows made of aluminium in the time since it may result in condensation building up on the outside. If you are cleaning your doors and windows, it is important to check the outlets for dirt or other obstructions. Be sure to wash them.

Deteriorating Seals for Frame Joints

This is usually due to the age of frames or the expansion of the thermal seals. A problem with aluminium window and doors installation would be moisture entering the home. Certain frames come with external glazing beads that are removable. If they do, take off the rubber and beads for cleaning, apply bead sealant, and replace the beads.


Inattention to cleaning windows and doors could cause corrosion to the frames as time passes. This could reduce the life of your aluminium doors and windows and is recommended to avoid at all costs. You can fix pitting through cleaning, sanding, and repainting your aluminium frames. Be sure to adhere to the instructions of the paint maker.

Powder Coat Chalking

It is most likely to happen to aluminium frames due to their age. To keep your powder-coated finishes looking more modern longer, apply a vinyl-restoring product and thin oil on the surface following cleaning. This can help in reducing the effects of chalking that is already begun.


The appearance of scratches on the exterior of your aluminium window and doors is not an issue since they will not affect the performance of the frames. If you are not happy with the look that scratches appear on windows or doors, smooth the surface using the vinyl restorer or light oil.

Window sashes do not open

The most typical reasons for this happen when the sash has been bent or twisted, if the friction is not tight enough or if the building is settling and the aluminium frame has expanded. If the sashes are tight, they can be fixed by loosening them or replacing them. However, a bent sash will require a specialist to fix it (as you could fracture the glass if attempted).

It is also necessary to have an expert repair if the problem is caused by the building’s settling (as there is construction work involved).

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