How to Buy a House in The UK?

The process of ‘how to buy a house?’ can be complex and confusing, particularly for those new to the market, or even those who have not bought a house in some time.  The early initial stages can be difficult to navigate, as there is little assistance for new buyers until a lawyer is instructed.

I’ve saved my deposit, how to buy a house?

Many prospective buyers will spend months trawling Rightmove, requesting details and looking for their perfect property, however this is not necessarily the first step in how to buy a house. Funding is key from day one of the process, Estate Agents will want confirmation that buyers are able to afford the houses they are looking at and may even need this evidence before letting them view a property.

As well as saving a deposit, buyers should approach either a mortgage broker, or a lender directly to obtain a ‘decision in principle’. This is an initial pre-application process which results in the lender advising what amount of mortgage they may be prepared to offer. Only once this is provided will buyers know how much they can afford and start looking for a suitable property to purchase. 

Ok, I’ve found a property, now how to buy a house?

Once the financing is sorted and a suitable property is found, the next step in ‘how to buy a house’ is to make an offer. This is done through the estate agent, who will be the central point for any negotiations between the seller and the buyer both at this stage and throughout the process. The offer is not binding at this stage, however it is usual for a property to be taken ‘off the market’ (ie. Removed from websites or marked as ‘SSC’ or ‘Sold subject to contract’). Once an offer is agreed between buyer and seller, both parties need to instruct their own conveyancing lawyers, and the conveyancing process begins. Estate Agents are usually able to recommend a suitable lawyer, who they are used to working closely with.

The Process 

In determining the process of how long it takes to buy a House UK the following factors will be examined:-

Finding you perfect property

This entails actively looking around and researching as to where you wish to purchase. This can take up time as there will be many factors which you will need to take into consideration as to the locality and surroundings of the area of where you wish to live.

Obtaining a mortgage 

Firstly, it’s getting a mortgage in principle, which can be arranged within 24 hours, you can either go directly to a Bank or via a Broker. However, obtaining the full mortgage can take longer and can take up to 3-6 weeks.

The Conveyancing 

It is important to find a reputable solicitor or Licensed Conveyancer to handle the legal side. There are several ways to find one.

The solicitors will then proceed with the legal formalities and if this is all carried out accordingly then it should be all systems go for the contracts to be exchanged. Then the final stage is the completion day when you finally enter into your new home.

Final thoughts on how long it takes to buy a house UK

In considering how long it takes to buy a house UK as seen can invariably differ depending on how matters progress. The key points to note when reflecting on how long it takes to buy a house in the UK is to ensure you have the right professionals dealing with your matter. Also being prepared with all required paperwork and helping your lawyer or agent to help you progress your matter effectively.

The timescale for how long it takes to buy a house in the UK can be up to 2-3 months is the matter is not complex 

How Can A Conveyancing Solicitor Help You?

You will need a conveyancing solicitor when buying a house. There are easy ways to find a Conveyancer, ask your estate agent, friends and family whether they have any recommended conveyancers in the area.

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You can also conduct a quick search on the internet to find a Conveyancer, don’t be afraid to look around and look at conveyancers websites which will show the type of conveyancing services they offer. A Conveyancing solicitor is never too far away.