Rat control techniques in your area

Mice and other rodent infestations can make life in Tiffin unpleasant. These pests harm property and put people’s health at risk. D&R Pest Control is renowned for managing problems and stopping their spread within your house or place of business. They use efficient pest control techniques to eliminate Mice and Rodents in Tiffin.

Seal Entry Points

Rodents and mice can fit through narrow gaps. Look carefully for cracks, fractures, and holes in your home, especially near the doors, windows, and utility lines. Caulk or steel wool can seal these entry points to block their access.

Remove Food Sources

Make sure to keep food in glass or metal containers that are airtight. Spills should be cleaned immediately, and trash should be disposed of periodically in cans with tight lids.

Set Traps

Use glue or snap traps sparingly in places where rodent activity is noticed. Please put them in shadowy areas, near baseboards, or along walls. Bait traps with cheese or peanut butter to entice pests.

Natural Deterrents

Some powerful odors repel mice and other rodents. Organic pest deterrents, peppermint oil, cloves, or cotton balls soaked in ammonia might be used to eradicate Mice and Rodents in Tiffin.

Professional Assistance

Consult a professional pest control provider if the infestation doesn’t go away despite your attempts. Exterminators with experience can determine the issue’s scope and offer solutions suitable for your particular circumstance.


The comfort and safety of your home will be ensured by keeping the area clean and rodent-free. D&R Pest Control works to protect your Tiffin home from rodent and mouse infestations by using these pest control techniques. They provide effective and efficient services in a trustworthy and practical manner to eliminate Mice and Rodents in Tiffin.