Outdoor Noise Barrier Panels – Everything One Should Know About It

Noise pollution is a blazing topic in the 21st century and scientists are trying different methods to control it. One such helpful scientific invention is the outdoor sound barrier panels. They are composite materials (versatile panels) that with the help of a sound absorber and a noise barrier, impede the outdoor sound. Another good news is that the panels are affordable. Excited to know in detail about this wonder of Science? Then it’s advised to scroll on the below paras and gather knowledge about it.

What Is An  Outdoor Noise Barrier Panel?

Outdoor sound barrier panels, also known as outdoor sound curtains or noise barrier walls, are the result-oriented method of curtailing outdoor sounds that are produced from various equipment or machines such as pumps, generators, etc. The panels have the ability to effortlessly mount to an existing/new fence structure and develop an acoustic barrier wall surrounding the-

  • Rooftop air handling pieces
  • Fans
  • Pumps
  • Outdoor chillers
  • Vacuum pump noise compressors, etc.

A sound curtain, apart from blocking noises, can also absorb various sound waves and prevents them from reflecting back to the job site. One can install them anywhere and in any way he wants – indoor or outdoor; office or home; temporary or permanent. These barriers are mainly used in common application sites like soundproofing construction sites, industrial regions, etc.

What Are The Outdoor Noise Barrier Curtains Made Of?

The outdoor sound barrier panels are composed of-

  • Quilted vinyl
  • Fiberglass batting
  • Vinyl-coated fiberglass cloth

Besides, the sound barrier blankets’ upper sides are covered with grommets. These grommets help the Panels to hang on from any hanging track/floor-mounted column. The velcro fasteners positioned along the panels’ vertical edges are immune to fire. The curved surfaces along the quilted vinyl-coated boards help in redirecting the noise waves for making them less coherent and harmless. Different sets of panels come with different thickness levels, thus each set absorbing different degrees of noise.

Their Applications:

  • The noise barrier panels are used for all of these-
  • Enclosing compressors or hydraulic pumps
  • Partitioning between blower noise and outside fence construction
  • Controlling noise from various commercial or industrial projects (for example, HVAC units)
  • Fencing the noises of construction sites, rooftop barriers, gas compressors, by-pass pumps, etc

These prolonged UV exposures and high heat-withstanding panels are reusable and are mainly seen in various schools, gyms, churches, hospitals, power companies, steel companies, highway construction sites, animal shelters, and infrastructure improvement project sites.

Apart from the above applications, noise curtains are also used for reducing hearing loss. Loud noises always result in noise-induced hearing loss and the panels save everyone who uses them from it. They save the hearing abilities of the workers working in construction or other noise-based working sites.


So, if someone in this noise-filled world wants to save himself and others surrounding him from hearing loss and other noise pollution-related health hazards, the best thing is to install outdoor noise barrier panels in the noise-filled site.