How do you IQF food

The full form of IQF is individual Quick Freezing, it is a freezing technique used by the food processing preserves the food products for a long time without crystallizing them. This freezing technique has proved to be very useful for the food industry. in which it freezes the product in a few minutes’ is used to freeze food items which can be small fish, berries, vegetables, fruits, and meat (cut in small pieces).

How do you IQF food?

IQF is the process that converts raw food material into frozen products state to final parts or products. When food is cooled slowly it becomes dry and causes product damage. The production of larger ice crystals harms the cell and lowers the food product’s quality. But the larger ice crystal is not formed in ensures that ice crystals do not form on the food products and freeze. To freeze the food products, initially30 to 25º Fahrenheit or -1 to -4º Celsius temperature is given, then gradually it is increasing.

 What is the benefit of IQF?

The amazing thing about IQF is it just takes a few minutes for the freezing process and it is one of the best advantages of this way of preparing frozen meals. The quick freezing prevents huge ice crystals from forming in the product’s cells, which can damage the cell membrane structure. The IQF ensures that the product retains its shape, color, smell, and taste for a long time. Another key benefit of IQF technology is its ability to separate product units during freezing. With the IQF method, there is no change in the food product test of the products, and it remains for a long time.

IQF methods

there is 2 basic freezing technology in IQF-

  1. Mechanical IQF
  2. Cryogenic IQF

Mechanical IQF freezing-Mechanic IQF freeze food products with cold air, where cold air is run on the food products from exit to end in a circular motion due to which crystal does not form in the food products.

Cryogenic IQF freezing-In Cryogenic IQF, the food products are immersed in liquid nitrogen at the lowest temperature and stir it repeatedly. From time to time it is checked that any kind of ice formation is not happening in the product

Submerging the product into liquid nitrogen can be an expensive process and this can also have a huge impact on the price of the food products.


IQF is an individual quick-frozen technique ideal for food industries, it takes only a few minutes to freeze the food item for a long time, it does not spoil the food product due to its cooling. With the help of this IQF technique, the small food items are frozen and supplied to the people in the market. With this technology, food items can be kept safe for a long time and food wastage can be avoided. Frozen foods are very effective during food shortages and people get food products without any difficulty.

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