Factors To Consider When Purchasing Medical Drapery Curtains

The Drapery curtains in healthcare units are more than just window coverings. They are not only important for privacy but for fire retardation and health as well. Therefore, the medical drapery curtains need to be embedded with many characteristics.

Before purchasing medical window coverings, keep in mind that they will likely undergo heavy use every day. Medical units may find it hard to choose the right drapery curtains for their premises. To help you move in the right direction, we have put together some characteristics that need to be focused on before purchasing a medical drapery curtain. So, continue reading.

List Of Factors To Focus On While Buying Drapery Curtains For Healthcare Units

  • The Type Of Fabric

Any window covering be it blind, shade, or drapery curtain, is defined by its fabric. And it needs to be highly durable and strong for healthcare units. Moreover, the fabric of your drapery curtains should be free of heavy metals and allergen-resistant. Fabric with hypoallergenic features can cause critical harm to the patients. Therefore, these window coverings should not serve as a breeding ground for any allergen. Thick drapery curtain fabrics are more likely to trap allergens as compared to sturdy and thin fabrics.

  • Antimicrobial Characteristics

The most important thing to consider when buying medical drapery curtains is to check their anti-bacterial resistance. The wrong fabric may serve as a breeding ground for bacteria and other common allergens. Drapery curtains of many reputable companies contain an antimicrobial finish. This would reduce the chances of transmitting bacteria from one person to another. The nature of the antimicrobial finish depends upon the type of drapery curtain you choose. It should be strong enough to eliminate as many bacteria as possible.

  • Stain And Flame Resistance Features

Medical drapery curtains should be stain and flame-resistant. Fire-retardant fabrics can significantly reduce the chances of spreading rapidly and thereby save the lives of both patients and medical staff.

Stain resistance is another important factor you should consider when buying drapery curtains for healthcare units. Stains contain viruses, bacteria, and fungi that can have a bad impact on the patient’s health. Therefore, it is wise to choose the smooth and thin drapery curtain fabric that resists stains as much as possible.

  • Ease Of Cleaning

Now let’s come to the most important part—the cleaning of medical drapery curtains. The cleaning of any type of window coverings used in hospitals should be very convenient and easy. Always choose the fabric that can simply be wiped down and machine washable. The handling of machine washable drapery curtains is more convenient as compared to dry-clean fabrics.

By considering the above factors, you can get durable, sanitary, and safe drapery curtains for your healthcare unit. Everything depends upon the type of fabric you choose. If it fulfills all the requirements of a safe and clean hospital cubicle, you can consider it. Among so many factors, fire resistance, antimicrobial properties, proper length, stains resistance, and ease of cleaning are the most important ones to consider!