Best Vastu Consultant: 10 Important Vastu Tips for Your Child’s Study Room 

Your child’s study room is the place where he or she is preparing for a bright future. It is the most crucial part of the house. Many times, we have observed that parents are complaining that their child is not performing well, is not able to concentrate, does not stick to one place and study, and much more. This is because the wrong Vastu of the room says the best Vastu consultant in Nagpur.

Vastu plays a very important role in enhancing the child’s concentration and productivity level. If you are also facing such issues, you are in the right place. In this article, we will learn about some very important Vastu tips that will help your child study well with full concentration. 

  1. Vastu is all about placing things in the right direction. Directions play a very vital role in this. So, the tip for the study room is to design the room in such a way that it faces the east or west direction of the house. If this is not possible with your design, then you can also for the second-best direction i.e., the north direction. 
  2. Another important aspect of every study room is its study table. Keep the study table in such a way that the child faces east or north while studying. If you are planning to make a cabinet for keeping your child’s awards and recognition, keep it on the north or east wall. Even motivational wallpaper must be posted on the same wall. Avoid any beam or cabinet over the study table. 
  3. Your study chair must have a wall behind it. If you are planning to have a door behind the chair, change your mind. 
  4. It is always advisable, according to the Vastu consultants, that the study table has an open space in front of it. But in small houses, it is quite difficult. So, the solution to this problem is, to leave a little space between the table and the wall to circulate positive energy in the room.
  5. Avoid the empty wall in front of the study table. There is no point if your child is staring at an empty wall. Hang some motivational posters on the wall for motivating your child. 
  6. Do not experiment with any unusual study table shapes for your child. It must always be either rectangular or square. Even ignore circular tables for your child as per Vastu norms.
  7. Instead of stacking books on the study table, have sufficient cabinets in the room. Ask your child to keep the table tidy, and after studying, keep the books in their right place. For storage or a cupboard to keep the book, you can choose the south and west wall of the room. 
  8. Keep the table lamp on the left side of the table. The best direction for keeping the computer in the room is the southeast or northwest of the table. 
  9. Avoid placing any mirror in front or side of the study table, as it may cause a distraction to the child.
  10. Use pale yellow or off-white colors for the study room.