What To Do When Your Garage Door Is Stuck

Having a garage in your house makes things convenient for you. You have so much extra space that you can use. However, your garage only seems convenient if everything is functioning smoothly, including the garage door installation mcmurray pa.

Running your garage door up and down multiple times a day does not seem like a task and makes this much easier for you. While the installation was done perfectly and you have been using it since then, however, due to some issue, it got stuck one day. In such situations, you can call La Puerta garage door services to help you with a stuck garage door. So that they can quickly fix it for you and your daily routine is not disrupted. 

However, to fix a stuck garage door, it is essential to identify the reason behind it. There can be several reasons for a garage door to be stuck and needs garage door replacement jacksonville fl; some are listed below.

Reasons for a stuck garage door

  • The batteries are dead.

Check whether the garage door remote batteries are functioning well. A stuck garage door is a typical result of dead batteries in its remote. Replace the current batteries in your remote with new ones, and try closing or opening the garage door. 

If it starts working well after you have replaced the battery, your batteries are dead, and there’s nothing to worry about. However, if your garage door still does not move after replacing the battery, you must also check the other parameter. 

  • You might have accidentally locked the garage door.

This is a widespread reason for your garage door not to open. If your garage door is not opening, you may want to check whether it is locked or not. Sometimes by mistake, the auto or child lock of your garage door can be activated, resulting in your garage not opening. 

  • Excessive low temperature or cold weather  

The water can collect around your garage door and freeze if you live in a region with excessive cold and wet weather. This may cause a blockage in the opening and closing path of your garage door, resulting in shutting it. 

The ice can force the garage door springs, making moving difficult. Removed the ice formed around the spring and then opened the garage door. If that does not work, call a garage door service to check whether your door springs are OK.