What Does Cleaning Bond Mean?

You’ve found a better home! Great, and congratulations, we wish you all the best. But before you move on to greener pastures, you still need to take care of some minor items on the list. When you’ve moved into your new old place, you’ve probably signed a contract with your landowner and placed a bond deposit. That sum is nothing to be ignored, and you can get it back by adhering to the lease. Cleaning up before you leave and ensuring the place is as you’ve found it will net you a nice reward. How? We are here to help!

1. Start from the outside

When you aim to return the rented home to its initial glory start from the outside. Mow the grass, pick up any leaves, and ensure the pool is nice and tidy (if the home has one). Then inspect the facade for any damage you may have overlooked. The usual wear and tear from time and natural corrosion is not something that can affect your bond, as such forces are out of your or anyone’s influence. When dealing with exterior landscaping, always refer to the initial picture of the home when you’ve entered it.

2. Room by room

Inspections exist to examine if there are any obvious differences, but they can start to nitpick. Obvious signs like dust, mould, dirt, and litter are easy to spot and remove by you. Air condition filters, ducts and dust fans are where most people get fined because they don’t know how to clean them or simply forget. A telltale sign of a clean room is the quality of air, where you can get an air freshener to seal the deal after cleaning up. One thing that is present in all rooms is cupboards and shelves. Be sure to clean them of all items, then clean them and dust them off. After that, return everything to how it once was.

3. Kitchen and bathroom

Speaking of hidden places, inspections during a lease in Australia can be brutal. From inside your fridge or washing machine to the tiles in your bathroom. We understand that cleaning up yourself saves money, but the question is how much? And you should also know that there’s a great chance of you missing a vital piece. The inspections are done by professionals, so it makes sense to hire professionals at your side.

They can take care of the cleaning and tidying up of the place. Reaching out to experienced and effective bond cleaning Sydney makes a sure investment towards securing your bond returned. When weighing in on the pros or cons of whether you should hire them or not, always ask yourself the following. How much time, effort and peace of mind are you sacrificing?

And even then, when you put in maximum effort and the best of intentions, it does not guarantee a bond return. On the other hand, expert bond cleaning services provide maximum results for your somewhat minimal investment. The difference between that investment and your bond amount is guaranteed, vs no bond amount, should you try to clean on your own.

4. Clean beneath you

People usually look at their eyesight or higher and can forget everything that’s not immediately visible. Floors, handmade carpets, linoleum and walkways attract the most dirt and experience the greatest amount of foot traffic and wear&tear. Here it’s always a good idea to get a cleaning service and make those carpets shine bright new. While the carpets and paths are at the shop, you can use that time and mop up beneath. When carpets get returned, all nice and shiny, they will be put on a spotless surface and ensure you get your bond back. Attention to detail is what’s crucial to fulfilling the contractual obligation you have.

Most people view the leasing contract as a hustle and a legal issue that exists only to get in their way and cause damage. In reality, that lease protects both your and the landowner’s interest. You would like your property to be maintained so you can lease it again once the tenants leave? Of course, we all would like that. With good advice, practical know-how, and trusty allies, that goal becomes real. And you get to enjoy your bond returned so you can invest it into your new place!