What are the most popular types of windows 

There are a lot of windows and doors used in homes. The type of windows chosen determines the airflow, and beauty of the home. 

1. Single-hung window

The most common type of window, the single hung has an upper and lower part. The upper is immovable while the lower can slide upwards and downwards. 

2. Double-hung windows

Unlike the single hung, the double-hung windows can move both upper and lower parts. This allows for easier air circulation

3. Casement windows

These types are single forms that open outwards. They are held at the right or left side of the window frames by hinges.

4. Arched windows

These are specific windows designed to stand over another window type. They usually don’t open and are installed over other windows and doors. 

5. Awning windows

Same as casement windows except they open from the lower side outwards. They are usually hand pushed/pulled or operate with a crank.

6. Bay and bow windows

These extend beyond the wall of the home for better visual effect. A bow window has three windows with two being movable and the third being a picture window. The bow extends in a curved format and contains three to four windows.

7. Tilt windows

These windows swing vertically inward or outward unlike most normal styled windows and doors. 

8. Sliding windows

These consist of double panes windows that can both slide to the left or the right. Both parts are movable and are seen as horizontal double pane windows.

9. Glass block windows

These are of ancient design but still provide privacy and security for today. They consist of frosted or designed with a pattern and have a block pattern on them. 

10. Jalousie Windows

These contain a group of small windows placed in parallel to each other and all open or close with the adjustment of a lever. This increases airflow and can easily extend from window to door length.

11. Specialty windows

There are windows and doors specifically designed to match the unique designs of homes. These windows can be of any type but are designed to fit the design in shape and form. Expensive but artistic.


The choice of windows and doors to use in a home depends on the aesthetics of the home and the design choice of the owner. so careful consideration gets the best and most comfortable choice.