What are the Classifications of Water Damages?

Not all water damages are created equivalent. Experiencing harm from a leaking sink is less serious compared to a septic backup. This is the reason that the IICRC created separate classifications to determine the risk level of the water impacting a property.

All water damage can be categorized right into three categories: grey, clean, as well as black. Groups for water damage restoration fort collins co like CFRS will use various water mitigation techniques relying on the kind of damage. Here’s what you require to learn about the classifications of water damage.

Classification 1: Clean Water Damages

Classification 1 water damage, or clean water damage, is any kind of damages brought on by tidy, uncontaminated water. While it’s the least major of the three categories, it’s additionally the most usual, as well as can be brought on by any number of household problems:

    • Leaking pipes
    • Water heaters
    • Blocked sinks
  • Tub overflow
  • Broken commodes
  • Melting ice or rain

Although clean water damages aren’t harmful to people or family pets, it needs to be cleaned up promptly. Any standing water left behind could cause mold and mildew growth or structural damage, which will trigger major concerns later on.

Classification 2: Gray Water Damages

Classification 2 water damages, also known as gray water damage, is brought on by water having biological contamination or chemicals like mold and mildew or microorganisms. This classification of water damage is primarily triggered by device malfunctions:

  • Sump pump failings
  • Septic backups
  • Cleaning equipment or dishwashing machine discharge
  • Condensate water from refrigerators, as well as freezers
  • Fire lawn sprinklers

Classification 3: Black Water Damage

Group 3 water damage, also known as black water damages, is the last thing you want to occur to your residence. It’s the most awful type of water damages caused by water that’s been heavily infected with raw sewer. It’s generally a result of natural disasters like flood waters or climbing rivers that have come in contact with sewer, either from a city sewer system or personal sewage-disposal tank.

This classification of water damages is quite severe and can position serious health threats to any person in the area. If you experience classification 3 water damages, contact with a water damage service immediately and leave the area to prevent any type of injury to you or your household.