Trending Granite Colors 

Be it the bathroom or the kitchen, granite has been a popular choice among homeowners for years. Granite has been a hot topic in the manufacturing and export processes. This particular natural stone is durable, aesthetically appealing, and puts other stones to shame. 

When it comes to selection, granite has too many choices to offer. In fact, if you are choosy, you will have 14,000 color or pattern options to choose from. If you like to go with the trend, you may choose from the trending colors. Méga Comptoirs Kitchen Countertops offers a great selection of options. 

Trending granite colors 

  • Absolute black granite. 

Anyone who has seen the absolute black granite in real life will agree that it is indeed one of the most beautiful colors on a natural stone. The countries where this color is most demanded include South Korea, Germany, and other European countries. The solid, jet-black color looks classy and is a popular choice to incorporate in bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas of the house. 

  • Alaska white granite. 

The Alaska White Granite is the perfect choice for homeowners, both indoors and outdoors. The stone has a white and grayish background with veiny patterns running around in the middle. Therefore, it creates a very eye-catching look that is sure to turn a few heads. 

This color goes best with darker elements, such as dark wood cabinets. Furthermore, Alaska White Granite varies from slab to slab, so it creates a unique look. 

  • Amadeus Granite.

Amadeus Granite has a black or gray background with hues of dark red and green shades. It has various veins and swirls flowing throughout the middle, which gives the stone a look similar to dramatic waters. If you are a fan of the ocean, this color might just be the one for you. This color is highly popular in various countries and a popular kitchen countertop choice. 

  • Black Pearl Leather Granite. 

Black Pearl Leather Granite is one of the most beautiful granite colors. It may look jet black in color from a distance, but one can see the soft speckles of white, silver, and gold when observed from near. The color name has leather in it because the stone looks like leather. Even though it is polished, it still gives a textured appearance. 

  • Tan brown. 

The Tan brown granite is perhaps one of the most commonly found colors in homes. It contains flower patterns throughout the surface, giving it a gorgeous look. Originating in the country of India, this granite color is popular in Germany, Uzbekistan, Canada, Russia, the USA, North Africa, and more.