Toilet Comparisons: Your Solutions Now

Whether you are building a whole new house or just need to replace an old one, you have a wide variety of new toilet designs and styles from which to choose. For example, you may choose between a circular or an elongated toilet. It’s important to think about your personal preferences, your budget, and the size of your bathroom when deciding on the best toilet for your home. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled a comparison chart outlining the key differences between round and elongated toilets. For the round vs elongated toilet comparison, you need to be specific.

Elongated bowl toilets

Image of the toilet bowl from above, as seen from inside the bathroom

Elongated toilets have an oval-shaped bowl, whereas round toilets have a circular bowl. This is the main difference between round and elongated toilets in terms of their aesthetic characteristics.

The longest dimension of an extended toilet bowl seat is 19 inches, and this is obtained by measuring the distance between the seat’s mounting holes and its outermost edge. To be sure, the exact measurements of a toilet seat may vary from one brand to the next and from one design to the next, but in general, an extended toilet seat is going to be around two inches longer than a standard circular one.


Many people prefer bowls with an extended shape for aesthetic reasons, however this preference might vary depending on the individual and even the user’s height. The longer bowl of an extended toilet may be more comfortable for those who have mobility issues. Furthermore, all public bathrooms must have expanded toilets placed in them according the Americans with Disabilities Act. You can visit here.

Considerations for and Against the Use of Round Toilets

It takes around 16 and a half inches of forward motion to reach the toilet’s bowl’s front edge if the bowl is completely circular. It’s about two inches shorter than the standard toilet seat’s required distance. The extended toilet’s oval shape is more akin to a conventional bowl than the round toilet’s circular design.


Perhaps the biggest perk of a circular toilet is that it can sometimes fit into smaller stalls. In addition, it has a more child-friendly interface. As children are young, some households choose to install a round toilet in the bathroom; when they reach puberty, the toilet is often replaced with a longer one. Those of us who are on the shorter end of the spectrum may find them more manageable to use.

Analyzing the Differences Between Round and Elongated Toilets

There are perks and conveniences that users of both round and elongated toilets may enjoy. It’s not always easy to choose the finest choice for your home’s bathrooms without first figuring out what features are most important to you and your family.


Many individuals prefer the oval or rectangular form of the elongated toilet seat over the conventional round one. This is a matter of opinion, however, and most individuals choose the method with which they are most familiar.


There is no correlation between the design of a toilet’s seat and bowl and its durability. Natural wear and tear shouldn’t affect either one of them very differently.