The Art of Relocation: How Our Moving Company Simplifies Your Journey 

Relocating to a new home can be exciting and means a new neighborhood and friends. However, planning can be challenging and simple mistakes can ruin your journey. For this reason, most people seek professional mover help to ensure a smooth journey. 

 For instance, the BRS Moving company has been offering long-distance, international mover services and storage facilities in Milwaukee and Appleton. Here is how our movers will simply make your move.

  1. Flexible& Customizable services

We understand that every move is different, and we will handle your move as per your needs. No service fits all homeowners, and we try to customize our services to match your needs. 

Whether you are making a local or long-distance move, our movers will handle every aspect of your move professionally. We will examine your belongings and haul them appropriately. We offer heavy lifting, disassembling, and other services required for your move.

  1. Proper packaging

 We have handled different types of moves and can take care of your belongings. Our movers are highly trained and will handle all your delicate items carefully, thus minimizing damage. We will supply superior quality moving supplies and will pack your goods accordingly. Therefore, you can use our blanket wrapping and palletizing services and ensure safety during your journey.

  1. Loading and unloading

We work with experienced movers with vast skills in handling heavy and bulky items. Our team will load your furniture, boxes, and other belongings to the moving truck with care. Moreover, we will safely unload everything, saving you the associated physical strain. Professional help will also help avoid injuries you may incur lifting bulky items.

  1. 4.Warehousing and storage

We offer spacious portable containers to fit different household and office goods. You can take time to pack and fill it at your pace. If you are planning a move and haven’t prepared your new place, we can help store your valuables until when you are ready to unpack. We boast over 200,000 square feet of storage in secure, controlled locations in Wisconsin. 

You can opt for a DIY move and hire our storage services; we will transport the container to you. We will return the container to our warehouse facilities after you unpack.

  1. Insurance coverage

Like other moving companies, we are insured to ensure your goods are covered against damage during the move. Although we handle your items carefully, accidents are inevitable, and insurance coverage will give you peace of mind knowing that your goods are safe.

  1. Logistics and coordination

Planning a household move involves careful coordination and logistics. We will handle the scheduling, route planning, and overall management, thus saving time. We will be in charge of every step of the move, which saves you time to handle other essential tasks.


A professional mover company like Shiply can make a big difference in your move. A professional mover company can make a big difference in your move. Our expert movers boast vast experience in handling different household goods. This helps minimize damage during relocation. Don’t stress anymore about your next move; talk to the BRS Moving team and enjoy seamless moving!