Storage Solutions: How to Keep Your Belongings Safe During a Move

 Storage matters a lot during a move. How you pack and store your valuables determines their safety. And this is why most people invest in superior-quality packing containers. With this, you can load your items and have the container delivered to your new home or office.  

Nonetheless, there are various ways to store your items safely during a move. Let’s check them out;

Use portable storage containers

Portable storage containers are commony used to store valuables during a move. Drop A Box offers various choices, mainly portable storage boxes, which can be delivered to your new residence. They feature quality yet weatherproof materials to avoid damage in case of poor weather during transit. 

They come in different sizes, and you can always get one to suit your type and size of goods. Cargo containers are also common. They are usually made of metal or steel and are perfect for poor weather and long-distance moves.

Why opt for storage containers?

  • Convenience

Storage containers provide a convenient way to pack and transport your valuables. With these containers, you don’t have to load and unload a moving truck many times. You can pack your items into a storage container at your pace.

  • Flexibility

 Storage containers offer lots of flexibility. You can arrange for the container to be delivered to your home days or weeks before the moving date. 

  • Security

Most storage container companies provide secure and quality containers. These are mostly weatherproof and equipped with strong locks. They allow you to protect your belongings from damage and theft during transit. Moreover, the containers are kept in a secure facility with surveillance and restricted access.

  1. On-site storage units

You may want to remodel your home or office before unpacking. This way, you will need a storage facility to store your goods safely until when ready to unpack. On-site storage units will make a perfect option. These offer ample space for your storage needs and allow you adequate time to prepare your new home or office during a move.

 Other ways to secure your belongings include; 

  • Label boxes appropriately

 Labeling helps keep your items safe. When you label your boxes, the movers will know how to pack your goods and how to handle them. For instance, fragile items can easily get damaged, and you don’t want them to be stacked under other boxes. Labeling will also help when unpacking, saving time.

  • Take inventory

Keep an inventory of everything by making a list. Take pictures to prove ownership in case of losses during transit. If something is broken, it will be easy to file a claim since you will have photos. Indicate the condition of all the ferried items and check this upon arrival. Also, consider using an app to track everything.

The bottom line

 There are different types of storage containers available. These come in varying sizes, allowing you to store all kinds of goods. As you plan your move, hire the right storage container, pack and have it delivered at your convenience. This way, you secure your valuables and minimize stress on the moving day.