Kitchen Remodeling – Trends, Tips & Ideas For Successful Renovation 

Every home renovation project requires a lot of planning and is quite a hassle. With kitchens, the planning and execution becomes all the more difficult because its one of the most used rooms in the house and also pricey considering the appliances involved. In UAE there are numerous kitchens renovation services available involving professionals who are experts in this area. Even with the smallest of renovations big costs are involved so consulting local designers will give you better results and even affordable options. If you’re planning to renovate your kitchen then here are important things to consider.

Make Functionality a Priority 

No matter how much you crave a fancy looking kitchen, remember it must match your lifestyle and cooking habits. When designing the layout, keep in mind movement, space, and storage. Kitchen islands are a must have as they provide extra workspace, storage options, and even informal dining area. Strong and stylish counters can punctuate the center of the room. Technology is also an important part of kitchen these days. Useful gadgets, handsfree devices, and integrated technology advancements will keep you on the cutting-edge of kitchen functionality. 

Mesh Cabinetry

A classy alternative to traditional glass cabinet doors, mesh cabinet doors bring texture to the room and also help in making a statement. Metal-mesh glass front, exposed hinges, adorned wood, and cabinet latches bring in European influences. Add color to your kitchen with bold shades like blue, red, and rustic farmhouse green. Create a balance with emerald green cabinets and terracotta tiles, with warm accents of burnt orange and earthy tone upholstery. 

Open Shelving  

In smaller kitchens open shelves offer storage options and give character to the space. Chic wooden floating shelves, metal frame open shelves, and even stone shelves are a good option to stack dinnerware. Mix-match with hanging storage like cups, cutting-board, and pans. Open-shelf pantry is also making waves in kitchen trends. If you don’t have pantry area but a spare wall in your kitchen then open shelving is a very good option. Covering both design and function, it can be a focal point of your kitchen. 

High-Quality Fixtures & Hardware

Enhance the look of your kitchen with stylish fixtures like faucet, sink, and lighting. Stylish kitchen hoods, stove, oven, and hobs complete the look of kitchen. Keeping in mind practicality and usage, you can either choose from double basin/bowl sink or single one. There are many options when it comes to faucets like design, features, and functions. The spray wand in pull-down faucet makes cleaning easier and is flexible to handle. One-handle faucet offers a classic look and can easily be moved from right to left to draw hot or cold water. Upgrade your kitchen space with the right lighting, investing in stylish pendants, track lights, and wall lights. WOODGreen Dubai is among the leading kitchen renovation service providers, catering to clients all over the UAE. For locally made kitchens, furniture, and accessories book an appointment with their experts.