Interior Design Ideas Inspired by New York City

Alt-tag: interior design ideas inspired by New York City

Being the melting pot of cultures, languages, and styles, New York is one of the most unique places in the world. Architecture and design are influenced by many world cultures and historical events, that blend so perfectly into a distinguished NYC style. Each of the boroughs contributes to this uniqueness, as they are all different from each other but still perfect pieces of a puzzle called the Big Apple. The look of the city has been an inspiration for the interior of many New Yorkers’ homes, and this guide will explore them a bit more to give you some ideas on how to style your own place. Here are some interior design ideas inspired by New York City to make your home look chic and 

Flashing lights 

Whenever you think of NYC, you think of its magical night skyline, neon signs on the streets, and traffic lights  – all of them making sure this is actually the city that never sleeps. Well, one of the interior design ideas inspired by New York City is a neon sign above your sofa or some other wall where you want to make a statement. These can replace traditional lights in your home and make it look modern and chic. Neon signs come in different sizes, colors, and shapes, and can adapt to so many interior design styles. Use them to make a statement with a cool phrase, trail down your hallway, or frame certain parts of a room.  You can make this a conversation starter and create a unique piece for your home. 

Neon signs as interior design ideas inspired by New York City. 

Alt-tag: neon sign in a living room 

Reflection to perfection 

One of the things NYC homes are known for is their challenging size. Many apartment owners struggle with a lack of space, and that’s very common in boroughs such as Manhattan where homes are getting more expensive yet not bigger. This can help a lot if you’re struggling with space in your home – try making your apartment look visually larger and more comfortable with the same technique. You can make it functional and stylish, even though it’s not that spacious. Try to cozy up the place by adding reflective pieces such as mirrored walls or glass/metal furniture that will create an illusion of a bigger space, and make it more open and airy. A clear coffee table or nightstand will not cramp the space additionally, but do its purpose in a seamless way. This will surely reflect the Manhattan-style in interior design, and ensure you’ve got the most out of your place. 

Traditional Elegance 

NYC interior designs will often include pieces of traditional elegance incorporated into various design styles. The furniture will include button tufting, rolled arms on chairs and sofas, and gold/silver details such as coffee table legs or lampstands. It’s a common thing you’ll see in NYC homes and surely one of the ideas inspired by this amazing city. Elegance represents the gleaming skyscrapers of the Big Apple and the amazing apartments you can find there. It’s favored by art lovers who like to showcase their collections in a suitable environment. And finally, you don’t need to worry about this interior going out of style – it never does!

Gold, tufted and elegant – it’s New York!

Alt.tag: a living room in a Manhattan apartment 

Industrial touches 

Industrial interior design vibes are surely a trend New York embraced and made its own. This design style is based on creating a minimalistic, open space that has touches of natural materials, cozy lights, and cool, neutral colors. It’s often found in contemporary homes and it’s well combined with other interior design styles. New York homeowners love this style because it embraces natural light and includes architectural materials such as concrete, brick, and industrial pipes – all of which you can see all around New York. 

The way you can add industrial touches to your home is to redo a wall and leave exposed brick or concrete instead of paint, add furniture that mixes wood and dark metal, incorporate natural fabrics such as linen and add some Edison bulbs for extra coziness. Keep in mind the industrial color palette – greys, browns, and whites combined with black details. All of these will bring the urban spirit of New York into your home and truly represent the lifestyle of its residents. 

Neutrals, wood and metal elements – industrial details inspired by New York City.

Alt-tag: interior design ideas inspired by New York City

Renovation inspired by New York 

Redoing your home using the ideas inspired by New York City will probably require some renovation. This can be a serious project, especially if it involves painting, knocking down walls and more. These tasks usually involve a lot of mess, so it’s wise to protect your items from dust and damage. Experts at Teddy Moving and Storage recommend taking your valuables to a secure storage, where they’ll stay safe and clean until all the work is done. 

Preparing your home for renovation will make the process a lot simpler and safer. Aside from removing the furniture to a mess free location, don’t forget to prepare the budget for renovations, inform your neighbors and research the professional teams that can help you out. 

Final words 

It can be tough to make the most out of your space, which is why looking for inspiration on different places is sometimes more than necessary. Hopefully these interior design ideas inspired by New York City will help you elevate your home with the dash of the Big Apple spirit.