In Ground Vs Above Ground Pools: Make Your Choice

If you are thinking of building a swimming pool on the grounds of your home, you have two viable options. You can go for the in ground pool or the above ground pool. The right one for you depends on a number of factors so it is best to look at both options before you select the one that will be better for you. Below are some things you should know as we carry out this in ground vs above ground pool comparison.


The most important distinguishing factor between the in ground pool and the above ground pool is the time it takes to construct the pools. For above ground pools, you do not need a permit so this saves you plenty of time. For the in ground pool, you need a number of permits and it takes time to get these permits. Getting all the permits you need could take two weeks to three months. It follows that if you want a pool in a hurry the above ground pool is the right option for you. Your above ground pool could be ready in as little as three weeks to one month. On the other hand, the in ground pool might take as much as two to three months from start to finish.


With the in ground pool, you have to do a bit of excavation. This takes time, increases your cost and generally makes things quite inconvenient for you. On the other hand, you don’t have to do any digging if you want an above ground pool. Now, this is important because there are situations where you can excavate and there are situations where you cannot do any digging. If you live in your own home, nothing stops you from excavating and building an in ground pool. On the other hand, if you live in a rented bungalow for instance, you cannot go excavating without the consent of the owner of the building. It follows that the above ground is ideal for rented property while the in ground pool is more suitable if you own the property.


From the perspective of aesthetics, the in ground pool looks a whole lot better than the above ground pool. If you have an excellent landscape design expert, your in ground pool will probably look a natural water body. It will also blend perfectly with the scenery of your home. On the other hand, the above ground pool will look rather artificial and might even look like an intrusion in some cases.

Cost and Security

If you have limited money, you may opt for the above ground pool. It will cost you much less to build an above ground pool than it will cost you to build the in ground variety. The above ground pool is usually covered and this makes it safer than the in ground pool. If you have young children and pets, the prudent move is to go for the above ground pool.

Final Word

As you can see from the in ground vs above ground pool comparison above, both options have their respective pros and cons. Choose the one that is better for your taste and budget and you will enjoy it.

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