How To Pick A Flooring Color For A North-facing Room?   


For a north-facing room, where there is little to no exposure to sunlight and natural light, designing the layout can be tricky but it is not impossible. Flooring is an important part of your home that may be easily overlooked in the design stage. You don’t want flooring that clashes with the general aesthetics and theme of your interior, especially in a north-facing room. And this is where the color of your flooring becomes an important factor. Here are some easy tips to help you pick the right flooring color for a north-facing room.

– Interior Theme 

The overall theme of your house should be reflected everywhere in the space, even in north-facing rooms where the lighting can be low and the temperature may be lower than the rest of the house. If your theme is minimalist, you can use simple carpets in a rich vibrant shade to light up the room. If you are working with a modern theme, you can use bright vinyl flooring in geometric designs or a light shade of laminate flooring.

– Size of the room

If a north-facing room is not a large space, it can be easy to lose any minimal amount of light that actually finds its way to the room. So when you want to pick the right color of flooring for a north-facing room that isn’t particularly large, you should go with flooring that is several shades bright so it can illuminate the room and create an airy interior. 

– Frequency of movement 

Due to the frequency of pressures, scratches, and traffic in the area, a lightly colored flooring material may begin to show signs of wear earlier on. Therefore, to get the right balance of durability and lasting aesthetics, you need to use flooring like light-colored laminates, or other similar materials, which can withstand marks and scratches without fading or wearing out the color.  

– Test out samples

An easy way to pick out the right flooring color for any room is to buy or borrow samples of the material/shade and test them out. While dark floors can be aesthetic, they tend to take away from the light in a room and can make your room feel smaller. For a north-facing room, get samples of light colors and glossy flooring materials that will illuminate the room despite low levels of natural light and also make the space look bigger.

– When in doubt, go neutral 

If you can’t find a shade that works, just pick a warm neutral tone of any compatible flooring material for your north-facing room. Neutral tones can help to balance the lack of natural light in the room. 

Above all else, the most important thing to help you choose the right flooring color for a north-facing room is your preference. As long as you like the way it looks and feels, you can never go wrong with comfortable flooring.