Everything You Need to Know About Property Management Pest Control

If you have owned a property in Marlborough and wish to operate your house as a rental, get it thoroughly inspected first. It is not a good idea to give your house for rent when the property has pests.

If your prospective tenant finds a single pest at the property, it may discourage them from taking your house for rent. Pests can create a lot of disturbances in your new tenant’s lives and property. It’s better to contact Rove Pest Control for commercial pest management solutions.  

Here are some significant factors to consider when you are looking for commercial pest control solutions:

Why Commercial Pest Control?

Every state in the US has a specific law, which clearly states how a property owner or manager can go ahead with the commercial pest control plan at their properties. 

An experienced pest control agency can offer the best commercial pest solutions to property owners and managers at an affordable rate. They can make your property pest-proof. 

Here are a few simple tips to keep your property safe from pests: 

Tips to Keep Your Property Pests-free

Proper Garbage Disposal 

As a property owner, you have to ensure that your talents adhere to property maintenance guidelines. You can ask your tenants to put their garbage in a garbage container. 

A Well-Ventilated Basement

It is important to make sure that your basements and crawl spaces are well-ventilated and clean. Keeping crawl spaces dry can help them keep moisture free and dry. It prevents the insurmountable growth of insects and pests in property basements.

Get All Cracks and Holes Sealed  

Keep all cracks in the property sealed. Also, inspect the property from time to time and get any cracks or fissures properly repaired or fixed before pests can start invading your property. 

Proper Drainage

You must have a proper drainage system on your property. Don’t let the water clogged at pipes or anywhere. Keep your nearby areas clean and dry. 

Most Common Pests That Attack Commercial Properties

Pests can invade your property anytime. Here are some common pests that are difficult to control:

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are common across Marlborough. Before renting out your property, landlords must get them removed from your houses. You can also take professional help from an experienced pest management company for help.  


Roaches are frequent visitors to apartments, complexes, and commercial properties. If you notice cockroaches roaming freely near you, get them removed professionally. Roaches can cause allergic reactions and asthma symptoms in immunocompromised people. 


Ants can be red or black. They can go inside any building in search of water or food. They prefer to live in colonies. Though they are relatively harmless, some ants can bite humans leading to skin infections and allergies. 

In Conclusion 

Every property owner, who is giving out their house or property for rent, is responsible for the safety of their tenants. Before giving your house for rent, you must ensure that the property is free of all pests.