Cardiff is the capital city of Wales, and it is quickly turning into one of the most desirable places to move to in the United Kingdom. People from all over the world are now recognizing the allure of Cardiff because of its fantastic facilities, outstanding schools, and affordable housing. It is also an excellent location for investments and industry, and it is now a very exciting place to live.

Cardiff possesses beautiful open green spaces, rich history, a strong culture, and gorgeous architecture. Despite having a very high standard of living, there are still several areas around the city with relatively low prices for their properties. These are some of the cheapest places you can buy or sell property fast in Cardiff.

  1. Ely (Average property price of £153,100)

Ely has transformed from a city that was once the site of a Roman villa. It has gone through a lot of evolution, although some areas still show that Ely is one of the oldest suburbs in Cardiff. Although it is considered as one of the most deprived towns in Cardiff, there is a visible gradual progression in Ely. It spent many years as just a hamlet, but the community is growing, and it now boasts many places of interest as well as some great housing options.

  1. Adamsdown (Average property price of £142,882)

The town of Adamsdown is situated right between Splott and Roath, and it is just a short distance away from the Cardiff city center. It is a town with a strong community spirit, and although it doesn’t attract residents and tourists the same way towns like Roath and Heath do, it is definitely a town on the rise. There are several benefits to enjoy from living in Adamsodown with perhaps the biggest of them being the affordable housing options.

  1. Splott (Average property price of £183,827)

This is a traditional area in Cardiff, and there is a huge emphasis placed on the community. It is regarded as one of the most traditionally Welsh areas in modern Cardiff with its pubs, religious buildings, and several other markers of true “Cardiffian” history.

  1. Grangetown (Average property price of £178,070)

This is one of the largest areas in the South of Cardiff. Grangetown boasts a thriving community and is another town on this list with a strong sense of community. There is a wide range of activities that you can enjoy in this town including waterside strolls by the River Taff. Grangetown is also in the middle of Cardiff’s music and entertainment scene, being the location for some of Cardiff’s biggest and most enjoyable events. The price of houses in the area is relatively cheap, although there are several excellent house choices available.

  1. Llanrumney (Average property price of £174,621)

This is certainly not one of the better-known cities in Cardiff, but it has its fair share of great interest centers and fantastic housing options. It is a historical town that is involved in several Welsh folklore stories. Llanrumney is a nice place to live, and you will get to enjoy a lot of sights and stories.