A complete guide for types of flooring and its maintenance

Commercial places usually see a huge footfall. Employees, clients, government officials, and so many other professionals visit a particular office. Clearly, when so many people are visiting an office regularly, it becomes important to focus on the interior design of the office place. 

Talking about interiors, flooring is a crucial aspect of commercial space. Choosing the right type of flooring such as epoxy floor coverings spokane wa not just brightens the look of the place but also keeps the place lively for a long time. Having said that, irrespective of the flooring type, maintenance plays a vital role.

Commercial cleaning Los Angeles provides floor cleaning services. They make it a point that the flooring looks new every time someone visits your office. Before we dive into the commercial floor cleaning companies and their maintenance processes, it is important to learn about the different types of floorings.

Types of floorings:

Commercial places have an abundance of flooring types to choose from. Tiles, carpets, wooden, etc, there are many suitable types of flooring. Some of these are as follows:

  1. Polished concrete –

 All the shopping malls, big offices, grocery stores, etc that you visit usually have this polished concrete flooring. It is extremely popular in commercial places. The shine and durability make it a good choice for heavy traffic areas. In addition, the polished concrete gives a clean and contemporary look. The maintenance of polished concrete is relatively easy and it is also environmentally friendly at the same time.

  1. Stained concrete – 

For commercial places, it is important to choose flooring which is budget-friendly yet appealing. The stained concrete flooring is exactly what commercial property owners want. This flooring is capable of easy transformation into the looks of marbles, natural stone, etc because of staining. Restaurants, retail stores, and many more commercial places are now opting for this stained concrete flooring.

  1. Epoxy flooring – 

Who doesn’t want flooring that does not wear out easily? Epoxy flooring is becoming the modern choice of places like schools, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, etc. All these places witness quick wear and tear of floorings. In order to lengthen the life of flooring epoxy flooring is becoming the go-to option. This flooring is chemical and heat resistant, making it a suitable choice for open places as well.

  1. Vinyl –

 Wanting a wooden look without going through the trouble of maintaining wooden flooring is now possible with vinyl flooring. Vinyl is a synthetic polymer providing the look of stone or hardwood to your flooring. Unlike the wooden flooring, it is water-resistant. Moreover, one can now find immense variety in vinyl flooring.

  1. Hardwood – 

For a small office, wooden flooring is a great option. It looks elegant and because the floor area is small, it stays within your budget. Dust and dirt removal is an easy process with hardwood flooring. The only problem is that wooden flooring is not water-resistant. However, one can now get different options in wooden flooring. Some of which come with water resistance as well.

  1. Laminates – 

A great flooring option nowadays is the laminates. It is not only budget-friendly but also appealing, durable, and easy to maintain. Qualities that commercial floorings must-have.

Floor maintenance process:

Once you make the right choice about the type of flooring, you must begin with your search for commercial floor cleaning companies. The commercial floor cleaning process comprises the following steps:

  1. Stripping – 

The polish of the flooring gets damaged when people continuously walk on it. While shifting desks and moving chairs around the office, the flooring loses its shine. In order to bring back the look of new flooring, stripping activity is essential. In stripping, complete removal of floor polishing takes place. After removal, the flooring is refinished. The first step of stripping leads to the removal of stains, flaky floor polish, and other aspects which make the floor untidy.

  1. Scrubbing and cleaning – 

Then scrubbing and cleaning activity becomes a regular task for floor maintenance. For light stains, scrubbing and cleaning are the perfect solutions. It removes one or two layers of floor finish. Because complete removal of floor finish does not take place, scrubbing and cleaning are time efficient. By performing scrubbing and cleaning on a regular basis, one may not have to perform the stripping step of floor maintenance.

  1. Buffing and polishing – 

A shining floor instantly brightens up the room. However, this shine wears out rather early. In order to keep the floor shining and appealing, buffing and polishing must be done on a regular basis. Weekly buffing and polishing are common in commercial spaces. Also, by performing buffing and polishing, the chance of dust settling on the floor surface reduces to a great extent.

  1. Burnishing –

 Burnishing is a process that is performed for daily maintenance. It helps in restoring the moderate to high gloss sheen coating. For this process, high and ultra-high-speed machines come into use.

Bottom line:

Commercial cleaning companies are immensely helpful in maintaining the interiors of your workplace. Because they provide you with a deep clean surrounding, they indirectly help in keeping your employees motivated.

Maintaining an office space in the right manner without commercial cleaning companies is extremely difficult. It is one service which you must opt for at the earliest.