4 Ways To Take Care Of Your Aluminium Window For Longer Life Cycle

Aluminium windows are an excellent must-have for commercial establishments and modern homes. Windows can help amplify your residential home with a sleek modern touch that can offer energy efficiency. Buying an aluminium window in Singapore isn’t all troubling for many homeowners who want to upgrade their homes.

Knowing how to care for your aluminium window or sliding glass door can increase its lifespan – preserving its quality and appeal. If you own or decide to purchase an aluminium glass window or sliding glass door, here are maintenance tips for maximising its lifecycle:

Perform monthly cleaning

The best way to take care of your aluminium sliding glass door or window is to start cleaning it every month. Clen and wipe the aluminium surfaces carefully with mild detergent since they are ideal for cleaning metal surfaces. Make sure that you avoid abrasive and instead, go for a sponge and perform gentle scrubbing and wiping. Avoid smudging the surface.

Inspect surface while cleaning

If you’re performing a cleaning, consider checking and inspecting your aluminium window. Have time to check if there are any signs of wearing and tearing for notable drought or warping. If you’ve had your aluminium window for decades and you are seeing scratches, warping and condensation in the glass, then consider replacing it.

Use stiff brushes for removing grimes

Whether you’re cleaning an aluminium window or a shower screen, never use flexible and limp brushes when removing grimes. Dirt and grimes can be tough to eliminate and to answer that, stiff brushes with soft bristles are ideal. But be careful! You don’t want to end up scratching its window surface.

Use silicone lubricant for keeping rusts and corrosion

Every aluminium window and shower screen may look eye-catching, but they are not immune to rust and corrosion. To avoid this, you can use silicone lubricant after cleaning the window to prevent rusting and corrosion.

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