4 Tips to Prepare for a Property Appraisal

Nervous about an upcoming property appraisal? These few tips can help you prepare.

  1. Do Some Cleaning

In theory, cleanliness and clutter should not affect a home’s value. However, everyone knows that first impressions are important and can impact a person’s perceptions.

If an appraiser walks into a home that’s dirty, cluttered, and unkempt, it can give the impression that the home hasn’t been cared for. Take some time to do a little cleaning inside and outside of the home, so your appraiser gets a great first impression.

  1. Break Out the To-Do List

Every home has a few things that need attention. It can be as simple as a loose bedroom doorknob or as extensive as replacing a toilet.

Get to work on any fixes you can manage before the appraisal. Don’t put a great deal of money into it as you might not get the return on investment you expect. However, tightening screws and other small fixes cost you little to nothing but can influence an appraisal to some degree.

  1. Make a List

Have you recently upgraded the bathroom, replaced the underground plumbing, or installed brand new flooring? All of these things can impact the appraisal value. Make a list of any upgrades you have made to give to the appraiser. It’s also best to have any receipts or work orders close by for proof.

  1. Understand Appraisals Vary

Appraisals don’t just go by the value of your home but also the neighborhood and other homes in the area. This means that a Knox County property appraisal will not be the same as a Flagler County property appraisal, even if the house is exactly the same.

Property appraisals are an important aspect of selling a home as they can impact the sale price. The tips above can help you prepare and potentially receive a higher appraisal value.