4 Tips to Minimise the Need for Aircon Services in Singapore

Proper air conditioner maintenance guarantees the system continues to offer the necessary cooling, particularly throughout the summer months. Some of the procedures you may take are easy and do not require the assistance of an aircon servicing specialist around Singapore. Moreover, having this basic technical knowledge will save you time and money in the long run.

#1 Inspect the Condenser

The compressor, fan, and condensing coils are outside your home in the condensing unit of a standard air conditioner. Check that the fan and airflow of the condenser are unobstructed. There are also issues that you cannot solve by yourself. Hence, aircon services contractors around Singapore will do it for you.

#2 Regularly Clean or Change Filters

Most indoor evaporator units include detachable filters that collect dust and prevent filth from blocking the coils. You do not need the help of professional aircon services firms around Singapore for this. Remove the filters and wash them with water and a neutral soap to remove the dust. Rinse and dry before returning to the unit. Some models additionally have electrostatic filters, which serve as a supplementary filtration system for the evaporator.

#3 Regularly Inspect the Evaporator

If the coils of the indoor evaporator are dusty, clean them with a vacuum cleaner or a moist cloth. Depending on how frequently you use it, do it at least once a month or every two weeks. Keeping the evaporator clean will guarantee that the air conditioner’s cooling ability is not lost owing to dirt obstructing the air passage into the room. However, experts recommend hiring cheap chemical washing from reliable aircon servicing firms around Singapore at least once or twice a year.

#4 Inspect Ductwork

If you have a central air conditioning system, ensure the ductwork is airtight. Apply sealant to fix any loose or damaged joints. It will help to ensure the efficiency of your air conditioning unit. If required, clean and replace the filter. Furthermore, check that no furniture in the house is blocking the vents. However, immediately call on a reliable aircon servicing firm around Singapore if you observe issues like rattling noises.

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