3 More Colors and the Moods They Set

Earlier, you learned about the effects that the colors red, yellow, and blue have on someone’s mood. You also learned about the different rooms in the house where these colors would work well. Now, you will learn about how three more colors affect people’s moods and the rooms in the home where they would work best. 


Green is a calming color and is associated with healing. When we see a lot of green, our minds are tricked into thinking that we’re in a place where all our needs can be met. This makes our brains shift into recovery mode. So, perhaps it would be best to put this in a room associated with renewal and rest. Be sure to use it in bedroom and bathroom remodeling St Louis mo


Orange is an energetic color and is associated with happiness and friendliness. This is likely due to it taking the traits of the colors that make it, red and yellow. However, unlike yellow or red, it is not associated with aggressiveness in any form. So it may be a good idea to use this in a room where a lot of energy is needed and friendliness is encouraged, such as in a family dining room or living room. 


Purple is a stimulating and calming color. It is probably for this reason that purple is connected with ‘quiet’ stimulation. That is, it is associated with great mental capabilities, like creativity and wisdom as well as great dignity, like that of royalty. So put this color in a room where you need to think, like in an office or study. 

With the correct color in a room, that room is sure to serve its purpose well. Be sure to lookup more facts about color theory and color psychology if you want more information on how colors can affect your mood. 

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