Why You Should Know the Total Cost of Ipe Decking

Ipe is a kind of unusual tropical hardwood that is increasingly used for outdoor decking. It is an incredibly hardy wood that can take on any kind of weather and heavy footfall for as long as 40 years. Even so, ipe decking boards are generally more expensive than traditional pressure-treated pine or cedar deck boards.

Learning more about the price of Ipe decking

However, having accurate cost information will enable you to budget accordingly and determine whether investing in an ipe deck suits your general landscape ambitions from a fiscal viewpoint. Ipe is extremely dense and hard, requiring specialized equipment and skills to mill it and work with it. The intricacies involved in sourcing appropriate ipe boards and making finished ones plus the increase in costs of raw timber for ipe mean that this type of deck could be twice to four times as expensive as ordinary wooden decks.

The majority of homeowners get sticker shock when they first begin researching ipe decking cost Florida boards. However, seeing an accurate per-square-foot rate in light of ipe’s unparalleled lifetime strength and durability under outdoor conditions allows you to evaluate its value proposition over time. Although the initial outlay will be high, once constructed properly and retained accordingly, an Ipe deck may need no replacement or even refinishing for twenty-five years or more.

Further understanding of correct pricing information also facilitates financial arrangement regarding other recommended additions to an Ipe deck. Most authorities advise using high-quality stainless steel deck fasteners like screws which help prevent future staining around these fasteners as the wood expands or contracts. Similarly, applying penetrating oil sealants developed specifically for exotic hardwoods is also essential in protecting the surface fibers of ipe from UV light damage and maintaining its rich color.

However, if you are looking to hire a contractor to install your ipe decking, always crosscheck with them on a detailed price quote that includes the accurate per-square-foot costs of materials. Reliable contractors have established relationships with wholesale suppliers for their ipe lumber, which means that it becomes affordable to them. However, be cautious about bids whose material prices seem way below standard retail prices because they may be fraudulent sourced or substituted with non-ipe timber.

In conclusion

Realizing true market prices regarding ipe decks made from exotic timber is so vital but homeowners are not well informed about this. Learning about the exact pricing for each square foot or board foot of ipe helps in creating budgets for materials, ancillary products, potential contractor installation, comparison shopping, and identification of fraudulent pricing; furthermore, it determines whether its unrivaled life makes this premium wood viable at an increased upfront cost to enhance your outdoor living space well into the future.