What Are Pergola Canopies?

Pergolas are an excellent addition to your backyard, providing a sense of elegance and style. They can also offer shade and protection from rain, UV rays, insects, and heat.

However, many pergolas don’t provide enough shade to be comfortable during the hottest part of the day. This can be remedied with a canopy or other type of shade cover.


Pergola canopies are a great way to extend your living space and enjoy the outdoors more often. They offer a shaded area to relax in the summer, and they can protect you from rain or strong winds.

Canvas, a cotton or linen fabric type, is famous for pergola covers. It comes in various colors and is available with straps or ties to secure it in place.

It also comes in a wide range of weights. The lighter the weight, the more likely it will remain flat without wrinkling.

Canvas can be used for various applications, from a traditional twill weave for painting to a duck canvas with tighter threads for more detailed work. It is commonly prepped with gesso (pronounced gesso) to provide a finely textured surface ready for oil or acrylic painting.


Pergola canopies are a unique way to take control of how much sunlight you get when lounging outdoors. They can be free-standing or attached to a house wall and can work for a veranda area, terraces, and roof gardens.

Retractable pergola canopy systems slide on a durable trolley system that can be operated manually or motorized, allowing you to customize the shade your space requires. Choose single or double covers with contrasting fabrics and colors for protection and decoration.

You need three eye screws anchored to a pergola beam to install the canopy. Then, thread a horseshoe-shaped metal thimble onto the screw eye and feed wire rope through the thimble and screw eye.

Then, loop the wire rope around each eye screw and secure it with a clamp. Then, you can extend or retract the pergola canopy by pulling down a cord hooked to the thimble-and-wire rope fittings.

Shade Cloth

Shade cloth is a fabric that protects the sun from the sunlight that reaches through your pergola. It is available in different colors and materials and can be used in various climates.

This type of pergola canopy is a popular choice for those who want to add extra sun protection and privacy to their backyard space. It can also help reduce glare and reduce the amount of heat that gets into the house.

In addition, it can protect your plants from the UV rays that damage their skin. This can make your garden much more enjoyable and give you better results for a more extended period.

To install the shade cloth:

  1. Start at one end and stretch it over the frame of your pergola, placing fixings 12”-18″ apart and applying a moderate amount of tension to the fabric between them.
  2. Nail the fixings down.
  3. Follow this procedure on the long edges until you’ve completed the whole structure.

Solid Fabric

A solid fabric pergola canopy is an excellent option for homeowners looking to keep their deck or garden protected from the elements. These are easy to install and come in various colors and styles.

A one-piece canopy works well in dry climates and offers a stylish look. However, it is essential to note that rain can fill the unsupported pockets between rafters, which makes this type of cover less effective in areas with heavy rain.

Another option is to fasten the canopy fabric as multiple strips across the rafters. These can be secured with staples or grommets, depending on the size of your pergola.

A stationary canopy, such as the one above, loops over the top of the pergola beams and is operated manually or by a motor. This style of cover is sturdier than the first option but still relatively simple.