Upgrade to a Swan S Pro Toilet Seat for Ultimate Comfort and Elegance

When you want style and comfort while you’re on your own, nothing beats the Swan S Pro toilet seat. With its multiple functions, this bidet toilet offers unparalleled convenience and style. By removing typical complaints and providing more personalization options, it pushes you to visit the restroom more often.

Innovative Commode Accents

Using these unique traits can increase the likelihood that you will utilize the seat instead of the handrail.

Utilize Hands-Free Mode

As you go close to the toilet, the built-in sensors will cause it to rise automatically. For a more tactile experience, it comes with an auto flush feature and a kick sensor that closes after usage. This device’s built-in soft-glow LED light lets you go about your nighttime activities without worrying about turning on the lights.

Stylish and Cozy Toilet Seat

Inside the antibacterial Swan S Pro seat is a technology that regulates the temperature. The unique ceramic core heating element it employs ensures that the temperature remains stable and consistent.

A Spa-Quality Cleaning Experience

The nozzle of the toilet fixture, which is made of stainless steel and coated with ionized silver ABS, is antimicrobial. To make the water more oxygenated, it introduces tiny bubbles into the flow. A soothing, spa-like atmosphere is created by the subsequent flow.

You can customize the wash position, temperature, and pressure to your liking. You won’t have to worry about cleaning it after each use because the nozzle retracts automatically after being cleaned with water and an antibacterial UV light.

Air-Drying Odor Removal System

After every usage, the bidet’s forced air units will clean and disinfect the bowl. They swiftly dry the toilet by circulating the air. The charcoal filters located at the base of the toilet absorb treated air, ensuring that the area remains odor-free.

Convenient, Tailored Assistance at Your Fingertips!

It is possible to make your own adjustments to the device’s settings using the remote control panel. Alternately, you may utilize a smart app on your smartphone.

Ease of Installation

The Swan S Pro has a lot of functions, yet it won’t ruin your toilet. It takes up about the same space as a regular toilet seat, but it runs on electricity. An electrician can install an outlet in your bathroom for a small fee if one is not already there.

A plumber will still be required to install the toilet seat. Get the lowdown on what it costs to install or replace in your area. You can get a new toilet seat or have one installed for a fair price if you live in Los Angeles. Visit Swan S Pro’s website for further details on prices for residents of Los Angeles.

Get a New Toilet Today From Swan Toilets!

Get ready for the most luxurious and hassle-free toilet experience ever with the Swan S Pro. The toilet fixture combines form and function to create a one-of-a-kind private experience. You should be smiling and grabbing your bidet toilet right now before you go to the bathroom.