Planning Tips for Decorating Your Patio

Homeowners to apartment dwellers enjoy outdoor living. So much of your family’s activity and social life can revolve around this airy pocket of pleasure in your backyard or terrace. To maximize this outdoor space, consider making changes to increase the appeal and improve functionality.

How Would You Like To Use Your Space?

Begin by measuring your patio as a starting point. Next, you can take a piece of paper and pen and draw an elementary outline of the ground to picture its shape. Afterward, make a list of all the activities you would like to do on your patio. These could include dining, cooking, playing yard games, gardening, birdwatching, outdoor sketching, reading, relaxing, entertaining and other pursuits that you and your family enjoy. Then start penciling in on your paper outline where you might dedicate space for each of the activities you wish to do. Can some spots do double-duty? Accordingly, keeping the dining, cooking, and entertaining regions together could make sense. However, it will become evident if you need to rescale some of your areas or rethink some of the activities you want to include to have a spot for each.

How Will The Weather Impact Your Patio Use?

Different climates can bring various weather-related challenges that can affect the use of your space. Finding the right solutions is critical for your enjoyment of the patio. If your spot is on the south side of your home, the sun’s heat can make it uncomfortable to use in the afternoon, for instance. However, you can add attractive retractable canopies to not only provide shade but bring a bright spot of color to the “ceiling” expanse of your living space. Having enough seating and side tables makes eating, reading and entertaining much more pleasurable. Don’t forget about using the nearby hardscape, too. Hip-height stone garden beds can provide extra seating if you provide soft cushions to sit on, for instance.

What Color Scheme Do You Prefer?

Now you can tie together all the different areas of your outdoor living space through color. First, you can select a favorite color, bearing in mind your home’s exterior paint shade. You might choose a complementary color, so everything works in harmony with your house color, or contrasting colors add life and energy to the space. Choose your favorites, and then apply them wisely. Bring the color to furniture and tables, as well as cushions, for example. Painted fences and flowers can easily fit into your color scheme.

A reworked patio will feel like you have added a brand new outdoor room to your home.