Ohio State University on the Columbus Realtor Market

Major employers, such as Ohio State University (OSU), play a significant role in shaping the real estate market dynamics of their surrounding areas. In Columbus, Ohio, the presence of OSU as a major employer has a profound impact on housing demand, pricing trends, and neighborhood development. This systematic review aims to analyze existing literature to understand the influence of OSU and similar major employers on the columbus real estate agents market.


A systematic search of academic databases, industry reports, and reputable sources was conducted to identify relevant literature on the influence of major employers on the Columbus realtor market, with a focus on Ohio State University. Keywords including “Ohio State University,” “Columbus,” “real estate market,” “housing demand,” and variations thereof were used. Studies published within the last 10 years, written in English, and focusing on the Columbus real estate market were included.


  1. Housing Demand and Pricing Trends:

Studies consistently highlight the positive correlation between the presence of major employers like OSU and housing demand in surrounding areas. Proximity to employment centers, such as university campuses, often leads to increased demand for housing, resulting in higher property prices and rental rates.

  1. Neighborhood Development and Gentrification:

Research indicates that the presence of major employers can spur neighborhood development and gentrification processes in nearby communities. Investments in infrastructure, amenities, and commercial developments often follow, transforming neighborhoods and attracting new residents and businesses.

  1. Rental Market Dynamics:

OSU’s status as a major employer and educational institution also influences the rental market in Columbus. Student housing demand, faculty relocation, and transient populations contribute to rental market fluctuations and investment opportunities in rental properties.

  1. Real Estate Investment Patterns:

Findings suggest that real estate investors often target areas near major employers like OSU due to their stable tenant base, potential for appreciation, and consistent rental income streams. Properties in proximity to universities are perceived as lucrative investment opportunities.


The systematic review findings underscore the significant influence of major employers, particularly Ohio State University, on the Columbus realtor market. The presence of OSU drives housing demand, pricing trends, neighborhood development, and investment patterns, shaping the overall dynamics of the real estate market in Columbus.


Major employers like Ohio State University exert a considerable influence on the columbus realtor market, impacting housing demand, pricing trends, neighborhood development, and investment patterns. Real estate agents must understand and consider the implications of major employers when advising clients and navigating the dynamic real estate landscape of Columbus, Ohio. Further research is recommended to explore the long-term effects of major employers on the evolving realtor market dynamics in Columbus and similar metropolitan areas.

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