How Does A Metal Roof Keep It Cool Inside During High Temperatures


Metal roofing is one of the best options when you are planning to roof your home. It is more durable and expected to last up to 40 years and beyond, depending on the weather conditions and other factors. Meanwhile, one of the reasons why many homeowners use metal roofing is its ability to keep the home cool inside during high temperatures. But how does a metal roof achieve this? Let’s find out.

Before now, many people got it all wrong: Metal’s conductivity makes metal roofing a bad choice. However, metal roofing can help save at least 25 percent on cooling costs in the summer when it is installed properly. Here are the reasons why a metal roof keeps your home cool:

1. No heat radiation

Metal roofs characteristically have a low thermal mass. As a result, they do not absorb or store heat like asphalt shingles. No matter the heat outside, they do not radiate and make the inside hot. They do not re-emit heat from sunlight. Besides, they cool down immediately when the temperatures outdoors go down. As a result, the attic does not heat up, and the entire home keeps its cool, requiring little or no further cooling from your HVAC. This helps to keep the resulting energy usage low, resulting in low energy bills over time.

2. Heat Reflection

Another feature of metal roofing that helps keep a home cool is that metal roofs reflect heat. Instead of absorbing heat, metal roofs reflect sunlight, preventing extra heat from entering the home. About 90 percent of the heat coming from the sun gets reflected away from the home. As a result, the attic is protected from extra heat that can get released inside the home to increase the indoor temperature. Based on this fact, the interior temperature remains at the normal level.

3. Attic cooling

Properly ventilated metal roofs keep hot air out of the attic, making the attic space cool. If you live in areas with extremely hot weather, consider metal roofing to keep your home cool regardless of the heat outdoors. Metal roofs keep heat out of the attic, protecting your home against extra heat.


Although metal roofing is expensive, its benefits outweigh its costs, making it the perfect option for your home to keep it cool. You can keep your home cool all year with metal roofing. Save on energy use and make your interior comfortable. In view of the above, if you want to replace your roof, choose metal roofing to keep your home cool.