Do You Know What are the Future Trends of Bathrooms?

Design enthusiasts and bathroom renovators should take note of the 2024 Bath Trends Report by The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA).

The report identifies anticipated popular products, styles, features, and materials for the coming years after drawing insights from nearly 50,000 industry professionals, including designers, manufacturers, contractors, and architects.

Based on an online survey of 536 respondents, it offers valuable guidance for those seeking to stay ahead in bathroom design trends.

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Let us discuss a few of the bathroom design trends that you will find in modern homes.

1. Eco-warrior fixtures

2024-bathroom designs prioritize sustainability, featuring smart water-saving fixtures like touchless faucets and intelligent showers.

These innovations not only conserve resources but also add a modern, tech-savvy touch to bathrooms, allowing customization of water temperature, flow, and timing for luxury and eco-friendliness.

2. High tech luxurious soaking

In 2024, bathtub trends emphasize comfort and style, offering a luxurious spa-like experience at home.

From freestanding tubs with smart temperature control to built-in soaking tubs with mood lighting, designs prioritize relaxation and rejuvenation, elevating the bathroom into the ultimate sanctuary.

3. Organic materials and textures

2024-bathroom designs embrace natural materials like wood, stone, and live plants to create a luxurious and grounding sanctuary.

These textures add visual interest and tactile richness, enhancing the sensory experience and making bathroom makeovers soothing and fulfilling.

4. Checkerboard tile

Checkerboard tile floors continue to trend in 2024, offering a classic pattern with room for creativity. From grouping small tiles to experimenting with materials and colors, there are endless ways to make this traditional design unique and fun.

5. Stone floors

Stone floors, including limestone, flagstone, travertine, slate, and porcelain tile resembling natural stone, are trending in 2024.

Besides their timeless allure, they offer durability, water resistance, and low maintenance. With various options in material, color, shape, and size, customization abounds.

6. Statement sinks

Designers are making sinks focal points in bathrooms, from rustic stone troughs to antique marble vessels.

Even though they are frequently seen in guest or powder facilities with limited counter space, they mix functional everyday use with visually striking materials or shapes.

7. Rich reds

Dark red emerges as a bold color choice, embracing moody, warm, traditional, and unexpected trends. Designers seek personality and drama, moving away from safe neutrals.

Apply deep red with a neutral brown base tastefully to avoid resembling a fast-food restaurant.

8. Wood tones

In contemporary design, character and warmth are sought after, with real wood being a prime choice. Darker wood tones are gaining popularity, offering a moodier alternative to the whitewashed trend of recent years.

9. Plaster and limewashed walls

Plaster walls, dating back to 7500 BC, remain a timeless choice. Modern variations offer diverse finishes, retaining the old-world, ethereal charm of contemporary spaces.

10. Framed shower enclosures

Shower enclosures have evolved, offering sophistication and customization. From fixed panels to intricate window-like designs, this trend suits any shower size or shape. While custom installation is traditional, DIY options are also emerging.