Considering Adding Skylights To Your Home? Use A Professional!

For decades, skylights have been a popular choice among homeowners. Skylights can look beautiful and provide natural sunlight which can help lower your energy bills. You could be facing leaks if you make a mistake in the measurements or installation. Skylight installation should be left to professionals in order to avoid potential leaks.

A roof contractor will be able to help you install your skylights correctly the first time.

Skylights are not leaking by nature

Skylights are not meant to leak. They are designed to fit on your roof and are therefore built to withstand the elements. Skylight problems almost always stem from a problem in the installation or years of neglect.

Roof Contractors identify and fix problems during installation, and conduct regular inspections throughout each year to prevent skylight leakage. These experts have the knowledge and experience to address these issues before installation. This will ensure that skylights remain leak-free for many years.

Skylight Leaks: The Primary Cause

Skylight leaks are most often caused by poor installation. Skylight installation can be a complicated process that can lead to many problems. Modern skylights come with some pre-installed parts (flashing, for example), making it easier. However, the installation must be exact. Even the smallest errors can lead to leakage.

Skylight installations are complex and require professional attention. You risk damaging leaks for years and wasting money.

After installation, skylight maintenance

Skylights don’t come with a set-and-forget policy. Regular inspections and maintenance are essential to ensure that your skylights last a long time. Once your skylights have been installed, it is important to maintain them and have them checked with the rest.

Keep your skylights clear of any debris such as leaves, snow, sticks, and other objects that could impede drainage.

Clear away any roof debris. They can cause leaks through the skylight, siding, loose shingles and other areas. To maximize the effectiveness of your gutters, keep them clean.


You may have a poorly vented room or a skylight that is causing condensation. You can control condensation from sun rooms and bathrooms by installing proper ventilation or using dehumidifiers. Make sure that all rooms are properly ventilated, particularly those susceptible to condensation like bathrooms and kitchens.

You can call KCG Roofing And Carpentry today if you think you have a leaking roof or if you are ready to get new skylights for your home. Skylights that are leak-free can be yours!

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