7 Real Estate Careers You May Not Have Thought of

While working as a domestic real estate agent is one of the most prevalent careers in the real estate market, it is far from the only one. Yes, most high-profile real estate employment options include purchasing and selling residential properties. However, the profession is diverse, and a real estate license can lead to various other opportunities. You’ll very likely be able to find it in property investment, whether you want more liberty, a more robust framework, more massive stakes, or fewer wagers. Let’s look at the most lucrative real estate occupations, shall we?

Real Estate Work Opportunities

These are both challenging and rewarding new employment opportunities for you!

  1. Real Estate Attorney

Becoming a real estate attorney is an opportunity to explore if you want to continue your education beyond real estate. People who specialize in real estate operations in a range of sectors. They could advocate for tenants’ rights or guide making a significant real estate transaction.

  1. Real Estate Broker

Even though the phrases are sometimes used interchangeably, being a real estate broker is not the same as being a real estate agent. A broker differs from an agent. A broker is a licensed business person who has undergone further training and can manage a large real estate firm. If you become a real estate agent and want to know how you may further your profession, a real estate broker could be an excellent fit. One of the careers on this list requires a real estate license, though not all of the ones we’ve mentioned do.

  1. Commercial Real Estate Agent

A commercial agent helps businesses find and secure properties that boost their revenues. While this sometimes entails locating the ideal site for the next major coffee chain to open a place, other times, it involves finding the perfect location for another significant coffee chain to open a site. A commercial real estate agent’s day-to-day activity may entail more research than a residential real estate agent. As a result, commercial agents must typically emphasize gathering statistics and data about the area before closing a transaction.

  1. Property Manager

When it comes to figuring out what you may do with a real estate license, becoming a property manager is a popular option. His job is to make sure that residential or commercial property functions efficiently and, eventually, makes money for whoever owns it. In the case of residential homes, this could include donning a variety of hats, including leasing agent and repairman.

Based on the scale of the estate, some or all of these jobs may be outsourced. The property manager’s function is limited to coordinating them and ensuring that the property is well-maintained.

  1. Corporate Real Estate Manager

Companies frequently have openings for someone to join their team and manage their real estate. Large corporations require office and commercial space for their operations. Some businesses have real estate holdings that they need to handle in-house. Check out this comprehensive guide to corporate real estate careers if you’re considering a career in the field.

  1. Foreclosure Specialist

A foreclosure specialist works for a bank or a lending institution and is responsible for all of the documentation and procedures that must be followed when a property is seized. They’ll look over the client’s financial statements and deal with foreclosure difficulties to resell the home quickly. A foreclosure specialist must be well-organized and able to work under pressure.

  1. Commercial Leasing Manager

A commercial leasing manager is usually allocated to office space or storefronts and negotiates arrangements and transactions with firms. This job may demand them to keep an eye out on the market movements, affecting the budgets that firms have for their varied property needs.

Residential real estate is a small fraction of the overall real estate market. It encompasses a wide range of work opportunities that demand diverse skills. You can take many paths in your profession once you acquire your real estate license. On the other hand, it is not an easy task as exciting as it may sound. You will confront numerous challenges ahead of you that will continue to test you throughout your professional career. Fortunately, one of the most acceptable methods to nail your career path is learning from existing specialists in the area, one of whom is Alexandre Mansour.

Alexandre Mansour, a well-known French entrepreneur and real estate developer has a diverse background in the business world, focusing on areas such as portfolio and financial advisory, trading, corporate strategy, financial modeling, property development, and management, to name a few. He is also the creator of Nomad Residencies and Nomad Capital, two well-known European real estate investment and development firms.

So, find a mentor, a professional path, obtain a license if necessary, and establish a stellar reputation for getting things done!